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  5. "Biz şapka takarız."

"Biz şapka takarız."

Translation:We wear hats.

March 25, 2015



What is the difference between takmak and giymek?

Are they interchangeable or is there a rule to determine which to use?


Giymek is for clothes and Takmak is for accessories. You wouldn't "tak" your skirt and you wouldn't "giy" your scarf.


Why not şapkalar?


In Turkish you use singular case of a noun when you use "geniş zaman/simple present tense". However, English grammar uses plural in the same tense. That's why you wouldn't have "şapkalar" in the Turkish translation. (Just as you wouldn't use singular noun if you formed a sentence in simple present tense.)


Thank you. I appreciate your help.

I'm afraid, though, that I'm still missing something - or I missed it along the way. I did understand that, in Turkish, one wouldn't use the plural with a number (which makes sense), but now I don't quite understand when one would use the plural form. What am I missing?


You're confused because Turkish grammar and English grammar are not similar at all, and you're expecting them to be similar. :)

You'd use plural nouns where necessary. You won't use them everywhere a plural noun is used in English. For example,

"Şapkalar nerede?" - "Where are the hats?"

"Kırmızı şapkalar burada." - "The red hats are here."

"5 şapka" - "5 hats" no plural needed here in Turkish.

"Ben şapka takarım." - "I wear hats." no plural needed here in Turkish.

Does this help?


Thanks for the explanation. I'm working on getting rid of those blinders, and I appreciate the help. ;-)

So, do I understand correctly that you wouldn't use the plural form of a noun if something else in the sentence lets you know you're talking about more than one thing (for example, if a number is given - or, in this sentence, presumably "we" are not all wearing the same hat?)?

But if so, with "Ben şapka takarım" how do you know it isn't "I wear the hat? Oh - is it because the accusative form is not being used?


To reiterate what LadyNurington is saying, you can think of it as English being the one in this case where it's odd/illogical. When we say the general statement "I wear hats" you don't mean you wear multiple hats at the same time right? For English, we must use the plural in general statements like this, if the noun is a countable noun: "I wear hats" "I like cats". But if you want to think about the meaning of this thought, you mean something more like "I often wear a hat" or "Wearing is hat is something I do" something like that, in which the "often" is sort of implied in the simple present form of the verb "wear". Otherwise if you mean you are wearing it at this moment, you'd use the progressive "I am wearing a hat". Hope that helps!


Yes, the difference is "I wear hats" vs. "I wear the hat." The second sentence has a direct object. (Also, accusative case of şapka is şapkayı.)


Thank you. That helps a lot.


So, if you said "Biz şapkaLAR takarız" would it imply that we were wearing multiple hats at the same time? Like, wearing a stack of hats or something? (A rather bizarre mental image!)


Hat not accepted, but hats or caps!!!


I translated this as ' We wear the hat'. I understand that the plural should not be used but I cannot agree with answers given. We wear a hat surely has bir between biz and şapka?


For "We wear the hat" you would have to use the accusative because it is definite: "Biz şapkayı takarız".


Thanks for your reply. Yes, this now makes sense to me.


The word was hat ,not caps


How can I differentiate between hat and cap


Won't this be "sapkalar takiriz" m


Shouldn't this be "sapkalar takiriz" ?


Why "We wear hat" is wrong answer???


Is the literal translation "we wear our hats?"


Difference between takar and giyer??


Şapka is singular


Can u explain it more clearly??

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