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  5. "Burada hala barış yok."

"Burada hala barış yok."

Translation:There is still no peace here.

March 25, 2015



Why does 'hala' always sound messed up every time it is read out in the questions?


because this one is actually hâlâ; and the TTS don't understand that. We had also tested using â but it did not help. And as we told a million times, the TTS is not perfect but it is the best available one.


I had been wondering why hâlâ wasn't the correct translation. But could you maybe accept it as alternate correct translation? I got an "almost correct" complaining about the â letters


As this is a negative sentence, wouldn't be 'Burada henüz barış yok' better? According that hâlâ is more for positive actions.


Hala is ok with negative ones but when translating to English it can be translated as a yet. For example: Hala gelmedi. S/He hasn't arrived yet. (Still not here)


why am ı always hearıng burda yet the answer is strıctly burada? I thought they are the same. I got almost correct? I have read that In verbal conversation you can mıss out that vowel ın burda orda nerde etc. but written ıt must be ın full.


You answered your own question ? They are often pronounced as orda burda but this is not how they are spelled so you cannot write them that way


thanks for the confirmation... has this been mentioned in any of the module notes?

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