I'm really loving all the new languages that are coming to Duolingo. It's so exciting that in a few years we'll have free access to all sorts of cool languages like Welsh. How come there's no immersion feature yet for the second wave of Duolingo's languages though? The site says they're out of Beta. I'm really looking forward to translating pages into Irish, and to use it to speed up my Swedish learning. Is it planned to happen, or is the immersion feature only going to be for the original five that were on the site?

March 25, 2015


I really wish it would be added, as Immersion is what's making me stay on Duolingo. However, it doesn't seem like they ever will. See the mod answer in this thread regarding their commitment to Immersion:

There is no commitment [to rolling out Immersion to all courses that have already graduated] on our end, and it’s because this requires quite a bit of our effort and doesn’t show a big increase in any engagement. We’re committed to making the best learning website ever, and for that we have to focus on what we think is most worthwhile.

Thanks. It's a shame, I misunderstood what Duolingo was all about. I thought they were working on immersion for all courses and that I'd be able to use the site to translate webpages so that more of the internet could be available to Irish speakers looking for an outlet. Maybe in the future they'll add it, even if it's not their immediate plan. Thanks for pointing the thread out to me.

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