"We see the sea from the hotel."

Translation:Otelden denizi görüyoruz.

March 25, 2015

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Why does biz need to be in the sentence when the pronoun is indicated in the verb (görüyoruz)?


You can say

Otelden denizi görüyoruz.

You don't have to include "biz".


It doesn't. Otelden denizi görüyoruz. [accepted answer October 2021]


Thanks for the explanation about accusative! Very clear and useful.

I have a question, i choose denizi goruyoruz as the BIZ is included in the conjugation... do you have any idea why the system said is incorrect?


Could it be Biz otelden denizi göreriz


yes but görürüz not göreriz


Anladım, Teşekkürler


Oh anyway it choose as a wrong option the suggested option.. probably I have to choose both option as both might be right


I wrote "Otelden denizi biz görüyoruz" it says it's incorrect. My question is how is it not like the sentence "Elmayı ben yerim" in the previous lessons??


What would "We see from the hotel to the sea" be, then? Meaning that we can see the entire space "from the hotel to the sea. Where would be the difference?


I would say "Otelden denize kadar görüyoruz/görebiliriz." :)


Is bir denizi the sea or a sea?


deniz (NOM) - a sea/the sea

bir deniz (NOM) - a sea

denizi (ACK) - the sea (direct object of a sentence)

deniz (ACK) - a sea (direct object of a sentence)

Hope that helps!


In this case "bir denizi" means "a sea", since the presence of "bir (one, a/an)" indicates an indefinite noun. I'll try to explain it to you with some examples:

deniz > NOMINATIVE, simply "sea" or "the sea (definite noun)" / e.g.: "Deniz suyu" > "seawater" or "Denizi görüyoruz." > "We see the sea."

bir deniz > NOMINATIVE, a sea (indefinite noun) / e.g. : "Orada bir deniz bulunuyor." > "A sea is located there."

denizi > ACCUSATIVE form of the simple noun "deniz" or the definite noun "deniz" / e.g.: "Denizi sevmem." > "I don't like seas/the sea (A sentence like this in English has to use the noun with the definite article or in the plural form; however in Turkish, the noun can be simply used without an article.)." or "Denizi görüyoruz." > "We see the sea."

bir deniz > ACCUSATIVE form of the indefinite noun "bir deniz" / e.g.: "Bir deniz gördük." > "We saw a sea."

bir denizi > also the ACCUSATIVE form of the indefinite noun "bir deniz"; it doesn't differ from the accusative "bir deniz" in the meaning so much and it has a rare use, it is usually preferred to make an emphasis on the word. / e.g.: "Bir denizi sabah görmek istiyorsanız, erken kalkın." > "If you want to see a sea in the morning, get up early."

Turkish noun cases can be a little confusing from time to time, but the best way to learn them is creating your own sample sentences with them. I hope you find this helpful, I wish you plenty of success in your course!


That is the grammatical part. In german there are two different words for sea: the sea = Meer, a sea = See. Is deniz used for both like it is in English, or do you have different words, like Germans have?


It's used for both like in English.


eavalis, i think that "bir denizi" is antinomic. "Denizi" can only mean "the sea" as a direct object of a verb at the accusative case and "bir deniz" only means "a/one sea" at nominative case. "Okyanus bir deniz yok"= "an ocean is not a see".

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