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  5. "Bunlar sıcak, şunlar soğuk."

"Bunlar sıcak, şunlar soğuk."

Translation:These are hot, those are cold.

March 25, 2015



is the "k" pronounced in "soğuk" ?


A pro tip to remember the difference between Bunlar and Sunlar. Bunlar (these) in English alphabets B comes in the beginning so Bunlar is for something near because the things near to you are the first things you see so they are referred to as Bunlar(These) and similarly B is one of the first Alphabet. On the other hand alphabet S comes very late thus meaning very far and the things that are far referred are to as Sunlar (Those).


lol same here


This, that, these, those already in english confuse me so much. Perhaps because I don't use in everyday talk :/ Someone can fix my brain, Lütfen? Any advices?

  • this: singular object, nearby (bu)
  • these: plural object, nearby (bu or bunlar)
  • that: singular object, far away (şu, if even further away, o)
  • those: plural object, far away (şu/şunlar, if even further away, o/onlar)


You can also say alphabet B comes first thus meaning near so Bu/Bunlar (This/These). On the other hand alphabet S comes very late thus meaning far so Su/Sunlar (That/Those). And O is like calling someone who is very far away from like for example "Oi listen to me bro" so O (That / Those) but for something far away.


Thank you very helpful


Teşekkürler, dostum :) this helps a lot !


I have translated it in goggle and i found that şu = that Bu= this Bunlar =these Şunlar= those Aaaaand thx


I always fail with these in which there is absolutely NO 'k' ending sound!!!


Why are there two words for old


Old, aged, elderly, retro, classic, ancient. English has synonyms as well. Additionally, yaşlı is reqlly used for living things. "Elderly" might be a better translation than just old. "An elderly car" just sounds weird, right?


Soguk sounds like Su

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