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Placing out of first year spanish!

After using duolingo for about two months I was just able to pass place out of the first year spanish class I would have otherwise had to take!

It remains to be seen whether Duolingo has adequately prepared me for Spanish 210

September 2, 2013



Congratulations! That is super. Isn't duolingo great?

Asking for a vocabulary list or textbook from the insructor is a good suggestion. As is watching videos. You may want to try this series, which is easy, enjoyable and free online : http://www.learner.org/series/destinos/watch/ .


Congratulations. I'd guess if you have had the drive to get to level 12 on your own in two months you'll do pretty well. But be prepared: interfacing with meatware can be tricky.


Please report back! I'm really interested to read how duolingo compares to traditional Spanish courses.


I will, I am pretty nervous about my ability to actually speak spanish as I have had very minimal practice there.


You'll probably be fine when it comes to concepts, but I'd suggest asking for a list of vocab you're expected to already know. There are words I learned in my first semester of French that still haven't come up on this site.


Start watching some movies and listening to music in Spanish, it's very helpful.


Yes watch simple videos that are pretty understandable for you but also interesting. Luckily for spanish learners there is a ton of spanish video content available.


I'm spanish speaker if you need to practise

[deactivated user]

    I would look to see if your university has a program that pairs language learners together - i.e. A Spanish speaker learning English with an English speaker learning Spanish. The more time you have to just speak and get comfortable the easier it will be!


    felicitaciones! I find spanish music very helpful in learning. Became addicted to Ricardo Arjona :)

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