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"O ne bir doktor ne de bir avukat."

Translation:She is neither a doctor nor a lawyer.

March 25, 2015



The hint for ne ... ne ... doesn't come up with neither ... nor ... - could this be fixed?


Of course, could you please report it?


again i'm confused de or da


Hello Evelyn, i think we have the choice between "de" and "da" in other type of sentence: "da" in : "Kad-I-nlar DA pantolon giyer"= women wear pants, too". And "DE" in "ked-i-ler de süt içer"="the cats drink milk, too". I remember the comment of AlexiNotTurkey about "da" or "de"? He says that we have to look at the final vowel of the word it determines and apply the rule of two vowel harmony: if "a, I, o , u" > "da", if "e, i ö, ü" > "de". Furthermore, we have "hem...hem de "="both...and"", "ya....ya da"="either...or" , "ne...ne de"= "neither....nor", "ikisi de"="both of" Can we say that they follow this rule?

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