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Login glitch --- password not accepted.

So I dried to login fro a tablet I was not using for some time. Apparently password is wrong. Strange, I remember it well and I never changed it.

OK, let's reset. Reset goes fine, I try to login with new password. No luck.

I repeated the cycle 3 times. I can not login on that tablet or from browser I was not logged in before.

So far I am still logged in on my phone and in browser, but as soon as login cookie expires I guess I am loosing my account.

Anything I can do?

March 25, 2015



I am pretty sure you checked, but just on the off chance, are you using the correct email address when trying to login? You can probably once confirm the email address of the account you are already logged in by checking the settings page.


Yes, the email was correct.

The problem fixed itself. It was probably some temporary glitch.


Similar issue by me: I have the same issue, and a number of my students also cannot login with their user names and passwords. Luckily I can still login with google....but only on my laptop - no luck on my smartphone..

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