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The Personal "A" - Errors of Inclusion

I know that not using the personal A is considered a serious error...

"Because this Spanish grammatical structure has no equivalent in English, it is normal to expect that the student will forget to use it until a pattern of use has been established. Remember, to not use the personal "a" is a serious error, and the student should try to remember to use it when appropriate."

But is including it when not necessary just as bad? Just curious

3 years ago


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I think sometimes it can be used to convey different meanings.

Busco una secretaria - This implies I am looking for a new secretary to hire.
Busco a una secretaria - This implies I am trying to locate one of my secretaries.

This is what I got based on a clarification of one of Duo's sentences. If my understanding is incorrect, please feel free to correct me.

3 years ago

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My guess it would sound like an interjection and be mostly ignored. It would sound like "ah". http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/ah

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An example:

In english we say

<pre>I love my mother </pre>

But, in spanish we say

Yo amo a mi madre

I love a person and this person is my mother. The verb action is refered to my mother. This fact is marked by the particle 'a'.

This way, we can say:

Yo cuido a mi perro

Yo quiero a mi país.

If we do not use the particle 'a' , the sentence can be intelligible yet.

Yo amo mi mama

Yo cuido mi perro

Yo amo mi pais

If you use the particle 'a' when it is not necessary, your sentence would be, maybe, intelligible or maybe not.

3 years ago