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"Onlar evlerin ikisini de alıyor."

Translation:They are buying both of the houses.

March 25, 2015



i understand that this means they are (together) buying both of the houses or "alıyor" would be turned to "alıyorlar"

but why the houses are given possession, I'm confused. it's not "they are buying both of your houses" nor is it "they are buying both of their houses" on my own i would have said "onlar evleri ikiside alıyor" can i get a grammatical rule reference to better understand this please?


Hello Ozlem.

"Onlar evlerin ikisini de alıyor." Translation: They are buying both of the houses.

Does this help you understand? "Evlerin" ikisi." The houses are a pair & own the "two." Genitive case.

Am I making sense? That's how I understand it.

Thank you.


Why not... they are buying both houses ?


tantraton, because it is "ikisini de"="both of". Perhaps they are buying two houses among ten , so they are buying both of the houses. When you say "they are buying both houses" i assume that there are only two houses to buy. What do you think?


Now, i am not sure at all i gave a good explanation. on google, when i type "ikisini in turkish" i found the three Duolingo sentences with "ikisini de" with all the comments. But it is not clearer for me despite the comments of Yomalyn, Selcen and AlexinNotTurkey. I'm rather disapointed. Anyway, i'll understand later, perhaps by looking at a Turkish series subtitle in Turkish....


Bu gece vazgeçerim= i give up tonight


Marianne, well I'm french so do not master english and learning turkish. For me the english translation is unclear "they are buying both of the houses". Of course, if "ikisini de" means "both of", it should occur in the english translation BUT the global english sentence should mean something logical. Personally I'm still lost, I wish to know more on english and turkish


Tantraton, "tentera-t'on", i think you are not satisfied with English translation because the Türkish sentence is out of any context. But you can imagine it. What do you mean when "the global english sentence should mean something logical"?


Whats the difference between ikisi de and ikisini de?




What's the difference between ikisi de and ikisini de?

İkisi de, "they" & "both."

Kedilerin ikisi de, bende. "Both cats are with me.

İkisini de, "both of them."

Kedilerin ikisini de, kayboldu. "Both of the cats are lost."

Kedilerin ikisini de, bulundu. "Both of the cats were found."

Thank you


Ikisini de on the whole means "both". This is what i have learnt .


angelL, "ikisini de" means "both of".


whats is the difference between "ikisi" and "ikisini" ?


Same question. Don't get that either.


Rowena, the verb "aliyor", from "almak", is a transitive verb with a direct definite object "both". Here we have "both OF the houses". "Both"="ikisini" is first at the possessive case as possessed object of the houses > "iki+si", "si" possessive suffix, and then at the accusative case as definite direct object of the verb "aliyor"="they are buying" > "ikisi+n+i", "i" accusative suffix.


But i can't explain today why the buffer is "n" for the accusative. instead of "y"...


Thank goodness for the turtle button!


I thought it had been recognised in previous discussions that ikisini de could be translated as both or both of.

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