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Is there a way to remove a word from showing up in practice?

I could have sworn that there was a way to make a word stop being asked in practice, but I can't find it. Did they remove that option? Am I just missing it somewhere? Am I just imagining things?

(I would like to drop some pretty unnecessary words, like "countess" and "commander")

September 2, 2013



Should be possible if you access the word from the vocabulary page. Strangely, the option is only showing up for some of the words for me. But it should be right below the "practice word" button.


Huh, yes, you're right. It looks like it's only available either for words I learned awhile ago, or words I have seen many times (I'm not sure which). So you have to learn it first before you can stop practicing. Kinda annoying, since there are some words I have no interest in learning; I'd rather spend that time learning the others.

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