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  5. "¿A dónde van mis hijas?"

"¿A dónde van mis hijas?"

Translation:Where are my daughters going?

December 17, 2012



Where do my daughters go? would be an awkward English phrasing. I don't think many english speakers would say that.


What you typically would say in English would be "Where are my daughters going?". The gerundium is used considerably less in Spanish than in English.


You're right. "Where do my daughters go" has one google hit. It is possible "Where are my daughters" is what it means(16 million hits BTW) http://www.spanishdict.com gives "Where are my daughters" and "Where do my daughters go"


I would say " Where are my daughters going?"


Since I usually skip punctuation when I submit answers, it's kind of lame "a donde" always requires the initial upside down question mark. (yes I include the 'o' con accento)


generally this system doesn't require case and punctuation, but that throws me off for a donde as well.


Agreed -- sometimes it requires the upside-down question mark. But not always! Please fix this...


Where do my daughters go? sounds Dickensian


Why isn't "Where are my children going?" incorrect?


Because of the sexism in language: a group of people who are all female* will get the feminine plural, but if there's just -one- male* person among them, then you're immediately supposed to use the masculine plural. :-/

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