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"She has sent her girlfriend two letters."

Translation:Hun har sendt sin kæreste to breve.

March 25, 2015



Be progressive be be progressive


Could girlfriend here not also translate to "veninde"?


Well kæreste is "girlfriend", and veninde is "girl friend", as the latter is a female friend, and not a girlfriend. There is a difference in english as well.


We do say girlfriends in english as well to refer to the female friends of women


I think that's "girl friend", but I'm not English native, so I don't know for sure :P


When do I use hende and when do I use sin?


You use sin/sit/sine when it refers to the same subject of the sentence: She sent her friend a letter = hun sendte sin veninde et brev If the owner is different from the subject, or it hasn't been introduced in the first place, you use hendes: She met her (of another girl's) friend = hun mødte hendes veninde Her friend is old = hendes veninde er gammel


I wrote" Hun har sent to breve for sin kærste' and DL wanted " Hun har sent sin kærste to breve" Isn't that a bit picky???

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