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  5. "Acepto el sofá."

"Acepto el sofá."

Translation:I accept the sofa.

September 2, 2013



I don't have any cash, will you accept the sofa?


It's all about context i guess


I bet the sofa just come out from the closet and someone is very accepting and loving and accepts the sofa just as it is.


I imagine in this case I'd use, "I'll take the sofa", as in "there are no beds available, I'll go for the sofa."


My thoughts exactly


yeah i was thinking it was a funny sentence but now it makes sense.


I ordered a sofa from IKEA and the delivery driver insisted I accept it by signing for it. So instead of making a long story short, I have made a short story long.


I pictured someone who knew they were in the doghouse, so they accepted sleeping on the sofa. "I forgot our anniversary? I accept the sofa."


as my lord and master


I accept the sofa... and the tv and the lamp too.


I have used this accepting places to crash while travelling around Chile! XD


"I really was expecting flowers, but hey - free sofa."


"I'll take the sofa" is a better more idiomatic English translation.


Is there a difference between accept as in "i accept you for who you are" vs. "i accept the present"?


... except it got stuck impossibly in the staircase up to my apartment.


Thanks, I'll accept the sofa, but you can keep that love chair.


I usually use settee as sofa in English which is, I believe, okay. Additionally the meaning of the given word dialog box for el sofa also shows settee.


I use settee too, but it is apparently working class, whereas the higher classes use sofa. But I accept sofa, it's OK.


I've always used couch.


Me too, but weirdly duo thinks it is wrong...


That's interesting. I generally used to say couch as well, although I think I also say sofa. But the word sofa comes from Turkish and seems to have invaded most European languages. Although other words exist in each language, sofa (sometimes with some accent like sofá or sofà) works for that item in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch, and probably some languages I don't know. I have found that I now tend to use sofa more often in English as well. But Duo tends to forget to include synonyms when the word is a clear cognate of a common English term. But there is no difference even in style today, although that may have been an original difference. Report it.


Russian also uses sofa


Ok, so how do we keep acepto and accepta distinct in our minds? When is one used over the other?


You use "acepto" when you're the one who's speaking and you're also the one accepting. You use "acepta" when you're the one who's speaking, but another person (not the one you're talking to, except when that person is an Usted) is accepting. Even if it's your cat accepting and you're talking about it, you use "aceptA".


wouldnt it be la sofa?


No, sofá is masculine.


Person: ACCEPT THE SOFA! Dude: Um, I will accept the sofa! Girl: I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! :D Dude: She is weird... GIRL: IKR! :D Dude: That face is creepy. Girl: IKR! :D Person: let's back away slowly... Dude: yea...


Is it saying that you are accepting the couch from another person?


I am assuming you are accepting the sofa delivery from a store or the like.


When you're wife hates it but accepts the sofa you picked lol


How is sofá masculine? Is it just one that must be remembered, or is there a rule associated with something in the spelling?


For the most part you just have to memorize the exceptions. You probably already know some of the exceptions. La mano, el día, el programa. If you know etymology, you might know that programa comes from Greek. Sofá comes from Turkish. Foreign words often disobey the rules. You can still just guess correctly most of the time, but never forget there are quite a few words whose meaning changes only based on the gender like La coma (comma) and el coma (coma)



"Why do i have to sleep on the sofa!?" "Fine sleep on the floor in the garage!" "I accept the sofa"


But will the sofa accept me?


In my experience most sofas accept people, but some don't seem to want to release them.


Thought he was saying acieto el sofá


After I've won the argument with my wife, i accept the sofa


I wonder if it was a free sofa


This story doesn't quite fit, but your thought reminded me of it.

Years ago I visited my (at the time future) husband and at one point he showed me around. During the tour, he pointed out an apartment complex where he and his friends used to live. Apparently while they lived there, the landlord asked them to remove a sofa that some tenant had left jammed in a doorway. Their reward for doing so was possession of the sofa. It took them all day, but they managed it. It was a very comfy sofa, btw.

Fast forward a number of years to my husband and I sitting side by side, watching the latest Ron White DVD. Or rather, he was while I was drawing (soy artista!). Ron White starts talking about making a mad dash out of his apartment, leaving behind his sofa which had gotten wedged in the door...

"That was HIM!?!"

I spent the next half hour trying to erase a rather dark and jagged line that I had not meant to draw.


Do you still have the sofa???


I would accept the sofa if you have a bag of chips


Love your name


Never deny the sofa


It took a lot of patience and a lot of forgiving beforehand

[deactivated user]

    Me every friday


    I accept sofa as my god and savior


    I accept cash, cards, and sofas.


    ¿Tú aceptas efectivo, tarjetas, y sofás? Entiendo por qué no aceptas cheques, pero por qué no aceptas oro, plata, diamantes y otras piedras preciosas y metales.


    Haven't you ever had furniture delivered from the store? You have to sign to accept it.


    the pronunciation of "acepto" is a really awkward pace to me


    Spanish is somewhat more staccato than English. But the the pronunciation is absolutely consistent with the written forms. It just takes some time to hear in normal speech flow. I would definitely recommend that you watch videos in Spanish after you watch them in English long before you might consider yourself "ready" . Once you know the plot, you will be able to follow a lot, but you will find that it takes practice and exposure to pick out even all the phrases you know out of a normal conversation flow.


    Listen, I accept the couch for who he is, why can't you do the same?


    Someone ran out of ideas I guess


    An acceptable translation for 'sofá' is 'lounge', or not? DL will accept sofa or couch, but not lounge. Just testing DL


    A lounge is not as generally synonymous with sofá as sofa or couch. It is no longer a common piece of furniture, at least in the US, and is designed for reclining on, which a sofa is primarily designed for sitting on. To most Americans if you say lounge they are thinking a room like a teacher's lounge or cocktail lounge, not a piece of furniture at all. When a particular translation can be more misleading than helpful to many users, I think not accepting it is better. Any accepted answer may pop up as a correction. Duo's job is not to prove it has as many alternative translations as you can think up, it is simply to teach you the meaning of the Spanish word. With sofá that is easy. It came into English and several other languages from Turkish. Although the style of sofa has changed from its Turkish ancestor, you can say sofa or sofá in many countries and they will understand.


    That is NOT a real sentence.


    In English one "accepts" a delivery. I have assumed that is what is being referred to here.


    I want to sleep but you are on my bed. I accept the sofa.

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