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Turkish Grammar Portal [Under Construction]

Hoş geldiniz to the Turkish grammar portal. Here, you will find links to all of the grammar posts we created for the course in one place. This discussion is locked. If you have a question, feel free to post it under the relevant thread.


  1. Word Order

  2. Pronouns

  3. Articles

  4. Plurals

  5. Use of Plurals and Singulars in Turkish and English

  6. Adjectives

  7. To Be: Copula

  8. Suffix: -DIr

Vowel Harmony and Sound Mutations

  1. 4-way Vowel Harmony

  2. Consonant Mutation

  3. Vowel Loss

Noun Cases

  1. Accusative

  2. Locative

Possession and Noun Compunds

  1. Possessive Suffixes

  2. Have A vs. Have The

  3. Noun Compounds

Verb Tenses

  1. Present Continuous with -Iyor

  2. Aorist: Uses

  3. Imperative


  1. Questions
March 25, 2015

This discussion is locked.

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