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"Es algo que yo jamás habría elegido, pero gracias."

Translation:It is something that I would have never chosen, but thank you.

September 2, 2013



It's like Duolingo is spying on my stepmother's Christmas party.


The artless passive aggressive gifter? LOL.


What a polite way of saying, "I hate it".


really nothing polite about it.


For anyone who isn't a native speaker and learning English, I recommend that you never say this. It's very rude!


'just what I always wanted'! - and thank you deactivated user, I shall look up Fluencia.com


Hi Charley, I have finished my tree and have my owl. I don't know about you, but I'm not nearly really finished with Duolingo.


I have also finished with the tree but return daily for practice.


75 days ago I had a 90 day streak. I, too return daily to practice.


I finished my tree a while ago now, but try to keep it all gold. I am also trying to go through the tree again, but this time, not moving on until I go through each lesson without losing a heart.


And look at you now on 17Jun17: level 25 and over 166,000 DL points. Yes, over 500 days, too! Bien hecho.


Wow, you too. Do you feel fluent? I began this last spring...Do you use Spanish? I am very drawn to it because it feels like a puzzle. French is suffering: it feels like a nesting dolls of exceptions to exceptions to the exceptions' exceptions. Hard to get a pattern but more set in my long term memory at a bare minimum level.


¿Ya hablas español con fluidez?


Had to stop for emergencies, power outages, out of area use....that's the way it goes.


i come back to keep up and learn. Finishing the tree was to get an overview. Now comes learning. Details. Memorizing into deep memory takes longer than it used to as a kid. Also, typing may not set up as many memory circuits in the brain as listening to a teacher and writing phrases over and over by hand. Hand motions involve more neurons so I recall the French learned this way.


i have nearly done that overview for the second time. no where can i go for that learning and deep memorizing (apart from my own memory. i mean on Duolingo or other site)?


When do you get your owl??? I finished two trees; I have no owl. No fiesta. (I hope I never use that phrase.)


Charley-Farley "just what I never wanted, but thanks anyway".


I think Charley was being sarcastic/facetious when he said 'just what I always wanted' -- he actually meant the opposite. At least that's how his comment sounded to me.


even in english it is very rude to say that so i would not suggest saying that


You can use it with you friends


How to passive aggressively accept a gift-- Duo style!


How to passive aggressively accept a likely passive aggressive gift: The best thing is to get thrilled like mad...and drop it off at Salvation army on the way home. Sometimes it's a difference in taste. You never know. But when the inlaws invite old flames of a spouse for Christmas, lol...it's makes it easier. Again, best to agree in their good taste and surprise: they don't come back of their own accord.


I'm surprised that nobody here has commented on the word order of this sentence in the English translation. To my ear, 'I never would have chosen', or 'I would never have chosen' roll off the tongue easier than 'I would have never chosen'.


English adverbs (or at least adverbs of frequency like: never, always, sometimes, often, ever, and others...) interestingly can sort of float around a sentence without calling too much attention to their placement. The common ear is pretty forgiving


To a British person, "I would never have chosen" is usual.


Not just usual but the correct form. You can say ' I never would have chosen' if you want to stress the 'never'.


Mine too. I put "i never would have chosen" and it was accepted, so this seems to be one of those instancew with no hard and fast rule. However, for my own grammatical purposes, ours works better.


I agree, it doesn't sound as smooth or natural


Yeah, I would put the "never" first as well, "would have never" makes me think of a Victorian TV show or something.


"#protip": never say this! XD

Idk about you, but I'm sensing a lot of regret in this lesson. ;D


Just before she says jamás it sounds like ghosts :0
Is duo haunted???


They are the three ghosts of tenses past, present and future.


I wouldn't be surprised :D


I think a lot of people sad that the tree has ended.


"... but thanks anyhow". (OR anyway) would be more natural.


Thanks...period... is more polite and de-escalates, though the comment might not.


I would just like to mention a role is a possibility, not just a gift. A possible context for this sentence could be "While i wouldn't have chosen myself for this promotion or position, I am glad for your confidence in me and look forward to this responsibility."


My last question on my Duo tree! Watch as i Insert myself into the feeling of being bilingual-


Well done. If only I then could recall all the tenses and I cannot. Not even yet and yesterday I turned 18 as well. But where is the own we ought to get??? They did away with it?


Imagine proposing to your girlfriend and she says this..


Why not "nunca". I must have missed something...


Report it - everything I can find says that jamás is just more emotional and emphatic, so nunca should be fine as a translation


Jamas means never ever for sure, nunca is also never but not as strict as jamas. Yahoo i finished the tree with 415 straight days, 2000 hearts, level 24 with 29760 xp. Really liked it, big thank you to all the comments and help along the way, it was fun learning with everyone.


Why do the cats always know these subtle things. tho rabbits do read minds.


"It is something that I would have never elected, but thank you" is not accepted. ????


Election in English is usually limited to political office, so you can't elect someTHING, only someONE. Hope that helps.


I hate to cause more confusion, but you can also elect to do something, as in "we elected to go to the theme park"


While true, it is a very uncommon usage, and, as you said, not referring to a physical thing, but instead an activity or action.


RARE...in midwest, I have never heard that. I would know what you mean. It is formal formal and mostly has to do with voting. Someone is elected. We elected an idiot. The board elected a new chair. there are other uses but they are rare. YET, it is clear what you mean. SELECTED is more common for the example you give, tho somewhat implies there were choices available and you chose/selected among them in a package of options at a resort or something. But "selections" of clothing, schools, groceries, diet items, purchases are possible: " I always select 1 percent milk". "I select dark chocolate and dark sugar for more bang for my buck". "The selection at this grocery store is limited but quality is great." "I'm careful about the blues I select in clothing given my skin tone." etc.


It is not something I would have chosen, but thank you. No good?


Jamás is a kind of really emphatic 'never', so I think Duo's expecting to see that word in there to get the same meaning across


Yeah, I figured that out later when it came back up. Thanks!


This sentence is very funny i can imagine a husband saying this about his wife's dress lol or maybe after a husband bought the wife the dress this is what she would say!


No, it's more of an in-law thing. Expert here.


I didn't have the correct words available as a choice to get the answer correct, so why am I wrong? Thanks, duo.


como se dice "look at a gift horse in the mouth" en espanol?


''I would have never chosen ''??? ''I never would have chosen ''!!!


agreed. English translation is weird. Too bad that's not an option on the "report" pop-up menu. "I never would have chosen" is natural and correct.


What is wrong? So many errors.. There must be a bug. Strange words inserted; some words totally omitted; complete nonsense.


Suddenly the questions are in Spanish and not English.


What word was the wrong one??? I got "you used the wrong word" three times - a bit of help would be appreciated!


Many English speakers would omit "that."


Rejected: "It is not something that I would have ever chosen, but thank you"

Isn't that the same meaning?


I put "I would never have" instead, and it should've been accepted. Lol


Yes I'm more than confused,what's wrong with my answer " it's something that I would have never chosen,but thank you, from your answer " it is something that I would have never chosen,but thank you"? Since when "it's" is considered an error? Then what about "I'd" or "I'm"? Are those also to be considered errors?


I said would've instead of would havr and it said it was wrong


Is "have never chosen" is not equivalent to "never have chosen"?

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