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  5. "Duo bile burada."

"Duo bile burada."

Translation:Even Duo is here.

March 25, 2015



Duo is everywhere. Duo rocks.


well... that would be "burada bile duo var". isn't it ?


I think that comes across more like "Even here, there's Duo" ... it's a bit weird. With specific people and things, you can just use the locative phrase (-da / -de / -ta / -te) at the end of the sentence rather than using a "var".


The difference in saying Even Duo is here and Duo is even here will be: Duo bile burada and Duo burada bile?


"Duo bile burada." Translation: Even Duo is here.

"Duo is even here." - Wrong answer. I thought Duo was "the" subject of the Turkish question?


Yes. Duo is the subject here. But there is a difference.

"Even Duo is here." → "Duo bile burada." (There are a lot of people here, Duo is one of them.)

"Duo is even here." → "Burada bile Duo." (Wherever I go, I find Duo there).

PS: For the second example, "Duo burada bile" sounds like an incomplete sentence. Therefore, I changed the word order. You can place "bile" at the end of sentence, if the sentence refers to previous sentence.

For example: "No one can beat him. Even Duo." → "Hiç kimse onu yenemez. Duo bile."

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