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Android app not updating completed lessons to online account

I completed the first lesson in "Verbs: Present 2" in Brazilian Portuguese yesterday using on the DuoLingo app for Android. Today I logged onto DuoLingo with my laptop, and it does not show the first lesson as completed, although it does say that I'm still on a (consecutive days) streak. It apparently knows that I did a lesson yesterday, but why is the full-website version asking me to do the same lesson again?

March 25, 2015

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Just now I completed lesson two in the same unit using the Android app but with my computer still on, just to see if the completed lesson would be recorded on my online account. After completing the lesson I hit refresh on the computer. The consecutive days counter did update, but now my account shows that I've only completed the first lesson, not the second lesson. Do lessons done on the app somehow count for less than lessons done on the DuoLingo website?

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