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need info on editing in Immersion

I am a newbie. Pardon me if I am rehashing an old thread.

Where can I find instructions on Immersion? As of now, all I can do is read a German text and its English translation, but I don't know how to edit certain sections.

Thank you.

September 2, 2013



You should be able to click on the sentences, allowing you to edit them.


It's not working for me. Have tried Firefox and IE9. For example: http://www.duolingo.com/translation/ffc7160411fe8f9ef327fd8a46c91d9e Carl Gustav Jung.

I click on the sentence beginning with Ab 1895 It places the cursor at the beginning of the English translation. No edit box appears. I only see 3 buttons "floating in mid air (not attached to an edit box): Save Edit, Cancel, and Show more

Show more simply shows the edit history of the paragraph. So, I don't get any textbox or dialog where I can type in anything.

Has anyone experienced this problem?


Oh, the cursor means you are in edit mode already, even though there's no distinguishing box. Try typing something! (make sure it's not grayed out when you try to type)

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