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  5. "Tren neden şimdi durmuyor?"

"Tren neden şimdi durmuyor?"

Translation:Why is the train not stopping now?

March 25, 2015



I think both of the suggested solutions for this sentence might have incorrect English word order:

• Why the train is not stopping now? -- Why is the train not stopping now.

• Why is not the train stopping now? -- Why isn't the train stopping now.

I think the first one is straightforwardly wrong, whereas the second one just feels wrong (although, come to think of it, I think it generally is the case that when you are negating a question with a present continuous verb you always contract to isn't or aren't, but I could well be wrong). Anyway, reported accordingly.


I do not (don't) see any difference in "is not" and "isn't" in terms of meaning.

I think the difference is more a verbal tic than anything else.


that's a bit of a concerning sentence


But durmek is for standing isn't it?


that's what I think! durdurmak is stop as far as i know, isn't it?


"durmak" is to stop (oneself); "durdurmak" is to stop something else! (intransitive vs. transitive)

("durmak" can also mean to stand, yes!)

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