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Suggestion: Add POP Quiz & Spelling Test

It would be interesting, if all of a sudden duolingo would randomly throw a pop quiz about something we learnt, or a random test based on a learnt concept. Also something which I've seen lot of users asking for is a spelling practice.

I think a test would be better as a way to assess accuracy in spelling, because duolingo doesn't ensure accuracy in a normal lesson practice , for example it always ignores when I don't put any accents, and since I'm a lazy guy I rarely put them. So I rarely remember what accents to use.

This could also be gamified, and two or more random users take the test/pop quiz simultaneously or users can choose to start competing against each, for example a couple of friends.

At the end we see the person who's mastered spelling well i.e. has the best score, and we learn to spell accurately.

September 2, 2013



I also find myself slacking when it comes to spelling correctly; especially on a timed lesson when I know the misspelled word is accepted ^.^

I wouldn't mind pop quizzes :D


I like this idea as well. You can email exam announcements, with Lingots as a reward for completing the quiz.

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