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  5. Does Peeking affect progress?


Does Peeking affect progress?

Is 'peeking' (ie hovering over a word to see its translation) logged?

Think it should account for some form of progress tracking, maybe it already does :)

December 17, 2012



It doesn't affect progress, but we use it to determine how strong each of your words is and which ones you should practice next.


Thanks Luis, intuitive. All the best moving forward with an already great product =]


Ahhh. So does peeking decay your skills faster? That would be why I loose strength so fast. I have so many diminished bars that I'm to the point now where I am almost starting over.


Luis, "I have a friend" who has been know to x out of lessons or reviews when she messes up the first two or three questions. Do you have to complete a full set of reviews or a complete lesson for the program to know that I don't know those words or phrases or does it compute each question whether I finish the set or not?


I absolutely always peek, even on words I know. Why? Because I have been conditioned to doublecheck by the real world translations and by frequent loss of hearts for being overconfident.


I doubt Duolingo would ever penalize someone for it. Because you pretty much have to use the peeking/hovering to decipher unknown words in the real world translations.


But also, it would downgrade your effort in Spanish speaking. True story.

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