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"Los sábados vamos a la casa de mis padres."

Translation:On Saturdays we go to the house of my parents.

December 17, 2012



Are home and house translated any differently or does "casa" not cover them both?


I think "hogar" is closer to "home"


Ah I see, cheers.


They should both be accepted translating from Spanish- there's little distinction between the two in English and you should not get this wrong for using "home".


It seems pretty common both ways searching on google. "vamos a la casa de" is 4 times as common as "vamos a casa de"


I learned that if I say a casa, it means specificly that I'm going home.


You mean you are personifying the house in this case. Is it the personal A that you have used in the second sentence


It might not be the "personal a" here. The "a" here may just be to indicate motion towards something. Vamos a la roca. We go to the rock (reading treasure map). The rock is an inanimate object.


I put parent's instead of parents and it counted it wrong


Having the apostrophe after a plural is correct to show possession. You could say "your father's house" or "your parent's house" since your father is your parent. 'Parent' is singular. Your mother and father together are your parents. Referring to their house would be "your parents's house" [the s's is intentional] but this is incorrect in English as the pronunciation of the plural possession would be "parentses". So the final "s" is dropped. The correct way of writing it is "your parents' house".

This same rule is applied for any possessive noun ending in "s". For example, say "Porters" is the family name of some person then "Mr. Porters has a book" is the statement, so "that is Mr. Porters' book" would be correct, whereas "that is Mr. Porters's book" is not.


What??? on another one it only accepted "the" for "los" and then this one only accepts "on" for "los"


"Los" usually means "the" when before plural verbs but when talking about days of the week, "los" means "on" as in on Sundays, on Mondays, etc.


Should not “a la” transform into “al” ?


"al" is the mandatory contraction of " a + el". It is done because it sounds better. "a la" sounds fine.


why is on saturday we are going to my parents house wrong ?


Because if you say los sábados, it means that you go there each Saturday.


I think parents should be fine instead of it HAVEing to be parents'


Can someone explain why my answer "We go on Saturdays to the house of my parents." is wrong? Same words but different order, which does not change the meaning. What am I missing?


why is "we are going to the house of my parents on saturday" WRONG ?


Would not accept my parent's house and would have accepted my parents' house. Perhaps good Spanish but terrible English.

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