"She listens to the radio in the morning."

Translation:Hun lytter til radioen om morgenen.

March 25, 2015

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Why is "om formiddagen" incorrect?


Tak for hjælpen :-)


Stop. Giving. Incorrect. Hints.


Sorry but what do you mean?


Sorry, I should have been more clear. I'm just tired of the app giving hints for the translation that are nowhere in the correct answer, but I can't remember the specifics now. I wish I could delete my complaint but I see no option for that.


On my iPad there’s no mention of hints so I can’t comment. However it gives me the option of deleting my entries as you should be able to see at the end of my reply. What system are you accessing the classes from?


I think the incorrect hints you were referring to was where it has "til" as a correct translation of "in" but it doesn't accept it as correct.


Please clarify the difference between the use of til and om


Why is formiddagen still showing as wrong after 4 years?


" om formiddagen" still incorrect?????


When you click on the words you have first om and then til so I don't understand


Til was first for me and then om, but I happened to remember that om seems to be used for times of day such as "om morgenen".


Pretty sure the admins have given up on Danish, but if any of you are reading this, can you please listen to us and change the incorrect hints or let the system accept what you are telling us is right?


WilliamLon566163: I have already explained how hints work (here) to you. There is no need to continue to complain about them in the sentence discussions. If you feel there is a specific problem with hints in a specific sentence, please use the report button to report it.

Sentence discussions are not the right place to report issues, as Duolingo does not read them and reporting do not automatically lead to a solution.


I do report them and nothing changes. If you're a mod why and you read the discussions why don't you let Duolingo know? I think this is an important aspect of completing the lesson and other people should know that they aren't the only ones getting it wrong because the hints are wrong, so I think this is the perfect place for a comment like mine.


Might I suggest that you take your concerns to the general forum instead of the sentence discussions. There is also Duolingo's social media profiles like twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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