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  5. "Duo'yu da çağırdın mı?"

"Duo'yu da çağırdın mı?"

Translation:Did you invite Duo, too?

March 25, 2015



Why the suffix 'yu?


Definite accusative case ;)

' because Duo is a proper noun

y because Duo ends in a vowel

u because of vowel harmony (u after o or u, ü after ö or ü, ı after a or ı, i after e or i)

Duo -> Duo'yu, çay -> çayı, ‌‌kaplumbağa -> kaplumbağayı, kuş -> kuşu, …

[deactivated user]

    I'm wondering the same thing.. and whether this will be in a future lesson or not..


    There is a spelling error in one of the suggested correct solutions, "Dud you also invite Duo?" (reported).


    You can just report that.

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