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How do YOU use Immersion?

I am still puzzled on how to use immersion efficiently. What is your method or way of translating articles? For me, it seems to be very difficult and I would probably find myself looking up every other word. Do you post articles, translate them, correct them, etc...?

September 2, 2013



It does take a lot of time, I usually only need to look up new words or new forms of words. I don't post articles and I prefer to translate from scratch rather than correct.


I don't. ;) I find it more beneficial to translate readings I get from other sources. I started out with children's books from the Goosebumps series and have been working my way 'up.'


Generally I just read the articles in the native language, in order to improve my own vocabulary. Then I look at the existing translation, and if I see anything I think is sorely mistaken, or could just simply be phrased better, I correct it.

Looking up every other word isn't something to be ashamed of, you have to learn somehow, and making the effort that way is just as good as any other way if you are actually actively interested in the article or just the language itself. The more words and expressions you learn, the less of a chore it becomes.

Although to be completely frank, if you find most articles really difficult to translate, you just need to be patient and spend time cementing the basics in your head. I read the news in German every other day, and I simply accept that it is always going to stretch my vocabulary and my understanding; just learn to be comfortable with having lots more to learn :)


To me that frustration with having to look up words and interpret across gaps is where I have made my biggest steps forward, and one of the real bonuses of this site as a tool. For that reason I am inclined to find an untranslated article that interests me and set to work for a few hours.

I can tell from what I see on the older articles and those that pop up at the end of a lesson that some prefer to correct translations, which is useful too, don't mistake my meaning, but I don't learn as much by looking for errors in other people's work.

What I can promise you is that as your proficiency improves what happens is you don't need to look up every word, and at that point the meaning of a word, phrase or sentence is obvious and you just type it in. What I really like about the immersion section is that you see the words in context; rather than just parsing out that we are going to defend our country, there is a reason for why you are defending it and an outcome.

Anyway, the answer to your question is all three/four...Post, translate, correct, etc.


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