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Duolingo's having a Hackathon! Any suggestions?:)

We're prepping for our first "Hackathon," where we camp in the Duo Galactic HQ for 24 hours working on awesome projects to improve the service. We spend most of our time working on long-term improvements, and a Hackathon gives us the chance to work on smaller features that are a bit out of the ordinary. We have a few ideas for Hackathon projects already, but we're sure you have even more! So, if there's something you'd really like to see added to Duolingo, please share it here and it may get implemented soon:)


  • Must be doable in 24 hours by a team of 1-3 people (so please don't suggest things like "add X language")

  • Must be in line with the spirit of Duolingo

Edit: Wow, there are so many great ideas! You may be happy to know we're working on some of these already:) I compiled a list for the team out of the suggestions posted here, but I'm definitely still subscribed and will read new posts. Thanks for the contributions - we're so excited for what will come out of the Hackathon and hope you'll be happy with what we end up making!

September 2, 2013



Things I've seen commonly asked for:

1.Discussion sentences in apps.

2.Review what you got wrong after timed practice, or stop timer after a wrong answer.

3.Include vocabulary section in android app/iphone app, and add the article to vocabulary section, not having it is a real pain in german!

Number 3 is the one I care about the most, but figured I would through the other two in there as well.


I vote for number 2!


I vote for number 3!


I vote for Number 1


Yes to 1! That is the biggest complaint I have about the otherwise wonderful mobile apps: not being able to report mistakes in sentences (or get clarification for the wacky idioms from other users).


HUGE agree on idioms/errors. Sometimes I can't tell if it's an idiom or something weird (I think I got a sentence "He wears an apple" in German. Also, the system gives me "What do the Swedes have that we don't have?" I translated both correctly word for word, but I feel like there's a deeper meaning that I'm missing.)


How about number 4: Having a lesson with a team?----------------------------------By the way, I vote for number 2


That would be exceptionally fun.


This is a good list!

My first vote goes to number 3 (gender in vocabulary section)!

Number 2 (a review after a timed practice) would be great too, to be able to understand our mistake without the timer pressure!

Also, probably not doable in 24h, the ability to learn German from French, as It would be easier for a non english native speaker like me. As it is right now, I have the feeling I am learning two languages at the same time.


its a number twoooooooo!


I would like to be able to challenge my friends. I could for example challenge someone who is studying the same language(s) as I am in courses that we both have taken. In that way I could practice and, in a way, compare my skills with a friend at the same time.

I would also like duolingo to gradually change into the language that I am studying. If I, for example, study French, the whole program, all information provided, all menus, everything should eventually be written in French. This could perhaps be optional if some feel that it would be too scary, but I would love it!


This is probably my favourite idea - Have something where you can challenge one of your friends to a set of 50 (100? I'd do 100!) sentences to translate and see how you do. I would DEFINITELY use that.


i like the idea about the incremental interface changes


Both are really great ideas! Competitiveness really does help me in duolingo and I think this could be taken a bit further like you said. And also the full immersion option is excellent! I would have never thought of it!


Great idea, but they'd have to make sure that your experience in Duolingo doesn't affect performance. When I started to use Duo I used to make more mistakes because I didn't know yet what kind of English sentences it expected. And if I challenged my newcomer friend now I could win the fight on the English side, so to say.


I love this idea!


Yeah they totally need to exploit the social aspect of this project more.


Since the goal is to enable us to be able to translate the web. I think it would be good to have some 'training wheels' as an intermediate step to full immersion. In other words a 'standard' guided article to translate every 5-10 lessons. The standard articles would get progressively harder based upon the users depth in the tree.


I don't know if this can be done in 24 hours, but I like it. I've been a bit gun shy about immersion mainly because even the article NAMES include words I don't know. Even if the articles used were already translated, they would at least be helpful for getting us used to the translation process.


I started translating when I could barely understand a bit of it, but you can peek at words. I did make myself figure out the grammar though. And if you just keep doing it you'll get better and better, and have to peek less.


I was just about to write the exact same thing. I've tried to start translations myself but i find the immersion part very confusing. At least I'd like the articles to be classified on levels. Therefore I'd know wich ones I should be able to translate.


If we could save our own personal translation attempts alongside the collaboratively edited one, then every article could be used as training (while still creating actual translations). Then, we could compare our initial attempts to the final result and see how we measured up!


I love this suggestion. I want to try translating because I understand this is how duoLingo is able to be both free and ad-free. However I want to be able to translate more than 50% of the words or phrases in a passage.

  • 116

A prominently featured FAQ page. At least initially, it only needs to contain one question: "When will you add new languages?".

  1. Active sentence discussion tab. Whenever there is a new comment in any of sentence discussions (especially in older ones) that discussion will be shown at the top of the tab. that way more questions should be answered.
  2. improve discussion and/or vocabulary search options a bit (at least including ability to search for comments made by a certain user and/or sentences that do not have comments )
  3. sticky comments :) Moderators should be able to stick helpful comments at the top of the sentence discussion.
  4. Prompt us before closing the tab/leaving the lesson. After clicking quit word strength should be updated if possible
  5. Update word strength accordingly even after we have failed and we have to retry the lesson.
  6. timer so users can see in their profile how much time they've spent doing lessons and time spent doing practice (it is best if the timer is not visible during practice, stop timer if user is idle..)
  7. Keyboard shortcut for viewing sentence discussion during lesson
  8. a tool for stream that allows a user to choose what is visible in his stream
  9. Ability to temporarily lower word strength for an older word that is full strength but you still don't know its translation or increase the decay rate as if we have peeked at it (i don't know if peek works outside the lessons ?)
  10. Provide language experts with a tool to include idiomatic phrases in vocabulary as seperate entries. Because even if you know all the words in an idiomatic phrase that doesn't mean you know what their combination means.
  11. nesting comments - tool for moderators to properly nest comments of users that do not reply to someones comment but rather they just post it to the sentence thread. (in discussions with more comments primely because of the voting system questions and answers could be several posts apart making a mess of a discussion) (instruction for moderators: nesting advisable only if the answer is very specific.
  12. select words when reporting dictionary hints
  13. [DONE] show comment in discussion - instead of "show discussion" link in email notification. (that link will directly position you in discussion to see that comment)
  14. stream with a bit more context - notifications regarding comments should indicate where is that discussion from: "userX has commented on a FLAIR (flag) discussion." little owl for general discussion, and some icon for troubleshooting.
  15. Pronunciation of sentences in multiple choice type of exercise upon selecting. (possible problem with that: text-to-speech software struggling with deliberately wrong sentences?)
  16. Tutorial with a bit more info and an option to revisit the tutorial.
  17. Users should be notified about Official announcements via notification bell.
  18. Flair flags should show if the user has finished a certain skill tree
  19. Always show the Duolingo's main translation in lessons. (Sometimes my translations are very literal and if there are no comments in the sentence discussion I forget to check duolingo's main translation)
  20. [DONE] In listen and type when we make a typo show the translation along with the correct solution. (Lots of times there is blank space where there should be a translation in sentence discussion.)
  21. Ability to follow a certain comment or a button "I want to know this as well." (This one feels a bit redundant since we have "follow discussion" option but If there are a lot of comments and we want to keep track of specific ones this could be helpful.)
  22. Remove down-voting outside of the discussion (no downvoting without actually opening the discussion)
  23. Ability to get a link for a specific comment in a discussion (comment_id)
  24. Sort alphabetically friends and followers lists
  25. Changelog
  26. Report abuse inside the discussions (to notify the moderator/s)
  27. Notify followers if the creator of the discussion has made any changes.
  28. Filter for sentence discussions that shows those ones with comments that have no reply (only those older than 48h so it is different from suggestion #1).
  29. Already seen. When we are scouring discussions those ones we have already seen could be a bit faded. If there are some new comments since the last time we have seen that discussion they could be indicated with +1, +2,... depending on how many of them are there.
  30. Combination of #28 and #29 could be implemented for the in-lesson Discuss sentence button.Scenario: A higher lvl user is refreshing a skill. He/she has answered the question correctly. Discuss button indicates 20 comments. Will that user sift through that discussion to see if there are some new questions that haven't been answered ? Probably not. But what if there is another indicator on the button that shows there are some new comments that do not have a reply?
  31. Email notification could indicate which language section (German, Italian) does it originate from. That way we could make corresponding filters in our email service.
  32. Duolingo feedback could contain a link that leads to the sentence discussion (if one was created) so that the users which have sent the report (my sentence should be accepted) can edit or post a comment if necessary.
  33. List of announcements - list of Discussions posted by Duo staff in General section
  34. A different way of interpreting the voting system http://www.duolingo.com/comment/856864
  35. An indicator that would show us total word strength of our whole language tree.

I hope at least one of these is doable in 24h :) If you also want to see any of these just reply with a number and/or vote up :) I didn't write them in any specific order of priority.

last EDIT: 28+ added on 9/10/2013


In order of priority, imo:

10 6 3 8


Really want to see in order of priority) :

  • 1;
  • 3;
  • 2 but I think that the sentence that don't have comments doesn't have any page, the page is created with the first comment. So for me it would be to to include the author's name in the fields where the research look into.
  • 13.


Number 13 done : Thanks Duolingo!


I vote for these, in order, top priority first. 1. Active sentence discussion tab 2. Improve discussion search 9. Ability to temporarily lower word strengthell


These are some brilliant ideas you came up with! I hope they get added.


My favorites (in order): 4 1 8 7


How about that native speaker icon?


Native flag icon would be awesome, but make sure it doesn't change if we switch our profile learning to/from english.

  • 3141

I'm sorry if these aren't good suggestions as per your criteria, but I have no idea what you guys are or are not capable of doing in 24 hours.

  • Give us the option to repeat lessons as we first encountered them, without the added vocabulary and concepts from later lessons. The way the system is set up now discourages people who realize they have moved on too soon or are returning from an absence and would like to review the previous content to refresh themselves. I believe there is currently no really good way to do this without resetting the tree.

  • Give us the ability to flag lessons and/or vocabulary ourselves for more frequent practice.

  • Award us at least some points for correct answers in regular practice even if we lose all our hearts before the end.

  • Add a specific non-English practice discussion section in the discussion categories where users can go to practice communicating with others (even if it's just with other students) in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German without having to alter their profile settings and go to another version of the site.

  • Give users the ability to delete or move their own discussions. It's been a while since I've posted a discussion so I don't know if things have changed, but I think people who post discussions aren't able to delete them themselves or move them themselves to a more appropriate section of the site. I'm sure some people who have posted much down-voted language request discussions or language specific discussions in the wrong area would appreciate being able to do something about it.

  • When we delete, for whatever reason, a comment we've made that someone else has already responded to, remove our profile picture and name from above the deleted comment as well as the comment itself.

  • Award us at least some points for correct answers in regular practice even if we lose all our hearts before the end.

I would really like that. I've had to go through the Subjunctive Past lessons at least ten times before I finally completed them with 0 hearts left.


At least give us credit for showing up and trying. It seems like you have to pass a section to keep your owl happy.


Agreed. If we at least got the equivalent of a review (a mere two points), it would really encourage us to keep trying.


Especially when you've lost all of your hearts and you get the very last question of the lesson wrong.


Ditto on the partial credit. I hate making that little owl cry! :(


This is my biggest ask really -- also possibly a little credit for failed lessons. Because I've had days when I've gone through a lesson six times, failing each time, and then not had any time to do more, and I have no points to show for all my hard work.


And I too have gotten bummed out by trying and failing and so it breaks my streak. I feel like any activity (even if I haven't gotten enough answers correct to score points!) should count toward my "streak count."


I'd be happy with just one point per day given for the first failed lesson of the day.

(Whenever I keep failing and have zero points for the day, I go to my tree and repeat a lesson in an early unit just to get the 10 points. Or sometimes go to immersion and translate one sentence to get 2 points.)


We can easily delete our own discussions and also if you want to move it just press Edit and choose in drop down menu of "Posted in" the location where you want to move it and save.

  • Agree with the first three propositions. And with the main idea of the 4th also. For the delete option, to avoid for discussions to become impossible to be understood due to missing posts, may be just this option for posts that are downvoted at '<=-5', as anyway this posts are hidden since they're '-3'.
  • Don't agree with the last one. It's already quite uneasy to follow long discussion with the re-ordering according to votes, if you completely delete some post without letting a trace that there was something, some discussion will become impossible to understand.


One word : Awesome!!!

  • 1 - Show the english medal with the other medals (if learning german AND english for example)

  • 2 - Private messages between users, let's say I am learning german and a german is learning french, I would like to be able to ask him when i got a question, and I'd be glad to help him with his french. (This might take a little bit more than 24h...)

  • 3 - Flag the words we have made a mistake with, so we can practice them like weakest words.

  • 4 - Search button for the immersion section, so if i want to find a text that talks about squirrels. (yeah i like squirrels)

  • 5 - Where are my friends in the tree ? This would motivate me to do this one more lesson to pass them =) I know we can do this going on their profile but honestly few people do..

  • 6 - Add a line on the left hand side of discussion so it is easier to separate "comments" and "replies to comments". It would help reading very long discussions like this one. Not sure i've been clear...

  • 7 - Small icon of discussion where a member of the staff has participated, because when using the search function lots of discussions appear and it would make it easier to chose the right one where we would actually got the answers we were looking for

This kind of initiative is why I 'm so happy to have duolingo, great link between users and staff.


Great ideas, I specially like numbers 2 and 3.


for me too, 2 and 3 are the best.

about 2: one obstacle could be that we users are not really asked which languages we can help with. so within the profile there should be a place where i can define my mothertongues and fluent languages. and then while going through the lessons in another language, i could see questions of other users about my languages that i might immediately answer.

about 3: i find it strange that many words are marked strong just because i have seen them. but actually i made mistakes with them during the lessons or peeked when i still didn't know them. and now they are strong? when i practice they also don't get repeated. so actually instead of flagging the algorithms should see which vocabulary i'm doing well with and which not.


Especially number 2! But yes, it would probably take more than 24 hours.


4 and 5 would be great


Something like 3 would be awesome. Just a way to degrade the internal score for the word would be enough. The way lessons and practice are set up (n-way repetition), you easily get full word strength without actually learning the word for the long run.

Alternatively, a way to practice the last learned words.


2 and 5 would be really beneficial and motivating respectively.


Error reporting from iPhone/ipad apps!


Don't get me wrong I would love to have this but I think it would be better to first implement discussions then error reporting since without them number of wrong reports would probably be a lot higher. (btw they are already working on discussions for the apps)


yeah discussions in the apps would be awesome!!


Oh god yes. Android too by the way :P


When you do a timed exercise, it isn't possible to see the right answer to the last question. Because of that I type gibberish when I see I have only a few seconds left. That way I get to see what it should have been. It would be nicer if the right answer shows.

Also: I spent almost an hour trying to master a very difficult topic. I didn't succeed, and I lost my streak because I didn't get any points that day. If you'd only got one point for every day you exercised, that would be great. Now I just cheat by doing an easy timed exercise to get at least one point a day.

For the rest: thank you for a great resource. I just started German, a language I grew up with. I want to improve my grammar, and it works great.


I love lots of the suggestions, but Mirima's first point is my favorite!! Nothing comes close to the improvement and increase in pleasure it would give if we could see the correct answer after a time-out on a timed practice. Often after having battled for 20 seconds with a sentence, and then just lose out at the last moment, is the most frustrating experiences. Please consider this!!


Yeah i totally agree with the streak points thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. This is extremely minor, but the ability to rearrange badges on the profile page would be nice.

  2. Pause the timer when a question has been answered.

  3. "Unpublish from feed" option for any sort of item whatsoever on the news feed tab.


I agree! Number 2 would be highly helpful.


Woah is it just me or are your letters HUGE!


I did it on my phone, I don't know why that happened


your profile pic totally matches your question :)


Here it is: real-time word battle

one task is given to 2 players of ~the same level, they have to solve it, points go to the player who solves it first. at the same time, 2 owls are shown on a racing track, where for each successful answer (means being 1.) the owls moves by X towards the finish line. First owl behind finish line wins.

It is complicated, if you want to do it right, but for hackaton version it could be fine. fora racing owls, simple HTML5 canvas, synchronization using simple websockets server or using some framework for communication build directly over it to support older browsers and apps. Then you need to do a match over users with similar skills, that should not be so hard, lets say just based on progress in the skill tree and number of points, it is simple nearest neighbour match, for advanced version more sophisticated features could be considered.

I would really like to see this one and if you give me API, I will do it myself ;-).

I believe there is a lot of space for real-time apps.


Great Idea, maybe eventually if the API is made available, this could be done. As for now, you could do a proof of concept. Maybe a mini-app just for fun.


It should also be possible to challenge friends.


Definitely, or maybe if you don't find anyone online, you can try and pass the last score of the top player.


Sounds like a great idea! Here are some things Id like to see and some that ive seen people asking about before:

  • Have a flag etc. on your profile showing your first language (for bilingual people the language they use most if possible) or another way to indicate this that shows up when you comment

  • If people learning English post on this discussion section allow their flag to show they're learning English to be seen and if we post on their forum show the flag that indicates that we're learning their language and what level we are

  • A timer showing how long you've spent on Duolingo learning

  • The ability to remove followers

  • A discussion board that everyone who speaks any language and is learning any language can participate in. It could be like a Worldwide discussion board where in each discussion you select the two languages that can participate ie your language and the language you're learning and then people can interact with people who speak the language the're learning. I think that would be amazing!

  • A meter showing how many sentences you have translated in immersion

Thank you and good luck with your Hackathon!


That when you go to vocabulary -->Practice weak words, you actually practice the words which you have got the most time wrong, because in my excercises I keep getting like 90%of the words that I already know and the rest are the words which I have trouble with.


Also "peeking" at words should make them weaker. I peeked at a word almost every time I saw it in my lesson and it's still listed as a "strong" word. I haven't bothered with practicing vocab since it doesn't actually seem to pick out your trouble words.


The strength doesn't drop immediately when you peek at a word, instead the decay rate becomes faster. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/612986


WOW Brilliant and very valid way of managing peeking! ... so impressed!


Exactly, I agree with you, if one peeks at a word, then it is a clear sign that you don't know the word, hence the strenght of it should go down, I hope thay can do something about this ...FINGERS CROSSED.


Working with the decay rate rather than directly with word strength is important. If it affected word strength, each time someone ended a lesson they would likely have the beginnings of a trail of non-gold skills left in their wake and it would compound upon itself as they sought to strengthen it.


An option to track the time spent learning a language. I.e. "You have spent 4.2 hours total learning Spanish".

  1. Please correct reported errors (some, reported months ago still show up, which causes unnecessary discussions with new learners)

  2. Please add a two-way discussion area in Immersion (a few texts are still being corrected everyday and the 'ping-pong' game won't stop until counterparts can find an agreement via a real discussion)

  3. Please source Immersion with articles worth being translated.

  4. Please skip from Wiki sourced articles the terrible list of bibliography, references, etc. that nobody wants to translate anyway.

  5. Please be more flexible with learners' uploaded texts ("The document may contain offensive content" appears way too often!).


Yes nr 4! Make it possible to select what part of a page that is to be translated. You already have the preview, now make it possible to edit out what should be disregarded. A redo of the article upload should be doable in 24 h and improve immersion immensly!


I strongly support number 4. Just a crude cropping function would be enough.


I think it would be cool add to peoples profile somewhere their best Week and Month and highest Day streak. So people can keep track of their high scores and see other peoples so they will be motivated to have a better week than them or a better month or a longer day streak.


Also a more options for reminders. Like being able to set a reminder to learn a new lesson every 3 days or how every many days you would like. I lose track of when was the last time I completed a new lesson so this would be nice to help keep people moving down the tree because I have the tendency to try to practice a lot and forget to learn new things.


I would love to see it possible to earn extra points/coins for using proper accent marks/spellings/punctuations and etc!


This could perhaps be a lingots challenge. Something like "Accent Adept" for getting through a whole lesson with all the accents in words you enter correct.


Yes this would be great as there's no real reason for people to put accents in as there's no penalty. This would give people an incentive to try! Just not in timed practice though as its hard enough as it is!

Also just thought of this: more features from the website on the apps for ios and android. For example I would love to be able to access my stream from the ipad app. :D


Or, win only half (two third or else) if you made an accent marks/spellings/punctuations error. Maybe only after some level in the tree.


On my tablet accents are impossible or take a lot of time. It should be optional.


Try adding and then switching your tablet's keyboard to English language (in case you use a different keyboard). After that it is very easy, just long press any letter, for instance "a", and then you should be able to pick different (accented) versions of that letter.


Thanks for the tip. I didn't know that. Most of the time I use a Transformer Prime with a keyboard attached. There it doesn't work, but still helpful.


Yes but not in timed practice


Definitely! I never use proper accents because I'm not incentive to learn them.


Or being able to change this through a difficulty setting like other language software (Rosetta Stone).


I am so glad I'm not the only one that thought this! I really like the idea of making it a lingots challenge and making it possible to change the difficulty level, so you can practice your accents.


Cool! I have a bunch. Hope I'm not overstepping the 24h limit here ;), but at least one of the smaller suggestions should be doable!

focused learning from mistakes

  • let us reattempt when we get something wrong, perhaps even highlight the discrepancies for us to fix.


<pre>my attempt: "this are the wrong answer" possible hint: "This __ the _______ answer." my attempt 2: "another wrong answer" final hint: "This is the correct answer." (You used the wrong form 'are' instead of 'is'.) my attempt 3: "this is the correct answer" [good job! green check! continue] </pre>

timed practice review

In timed practice, it is difficult to report errors, view discussions, or learn well from mistakes. The timer could pause to allow these, but that would degrade the real-time experience in the process. So here is another solution:

  • have the more general ability to go back during a lesson. For example, have the progress bar clickable so you can return to previous parts of a lesson. (there can also be back/forward buttons)

    <pre>[ggggggg[g]gggg______] <-- progress bar mid-lesson, g=green and clickable! ^--indicator for the segment currently being viewed` </pre>
  • at the end of the lesson, allow us to go back to review the navigateable lesson before pressing continue

  • maybe have indicators of what we got wrong?

    <pre>[gggrggrgggggrrrggggg] (where r=red) </pre>
  • enable (unscored) reattempts in review mode, or let us do an untimed mini practice of the parts we just got wrong

improved immersion practice

  • allow us to write and save our best attempt at a translation, separately from the current translation. (full comprehension/translation practice for everyone! Also more idiomatic translation because we are able to first capture a holistic translation before editing.)

  • notifications when an article we contributed to is complete, inviting us to review, compare our initial attempts to the crowd source approved translations, and verify our comprehension (ex: "you and 20 others finished translating this article! click here to review it." and we can see at a glance highlighted differences between our attempts and the final result)

even more ideas:

  • several have expressed frustration at idiomatic phrases that are impossible get right at a first attempt. You could make it so that the first encounter with these phrases is a multiple choice question, so it isn't as frustrating to learn

  • balanced learning: distinguish word strength between reading, writing, listening, speaking skills

  • more gender indicators: every time i see a noun, i'd like to know its grammatical gender (on the vocabulary page, on the immersion page, on dictionary hints for english to (other language), ...)

  • prepare some cool duolingo statistics for us (for example, i heard there was some crazy number for possible translations of a simple sentence)

Thanks for all the awesome, Duolingo!


I like the suggestion towards the review-able timed practice very much! I like to use that as my main review tool because it helps develop mental quickness with a second or third language, but it is frustrating to have to choose between continuing the practice or stopping to truly understand your mistake or contribute to a discussion if you have a more in-depth question. Being able to go back at the end of the practice and review each question would be incredibly helpful in this regard!


I really like the idea of going back and seeing what I got wrong for more review!


Wow! This sounds great! I just posted a discussion on highlighting in yellow all new idioms and phrases. Do you think this could be implemented?


-Include the breakdown of skill points for each respective time frame when hovering over a user's points on the leaderboard.

-For immersion: be able to reiterate why you chose a certain translation after the fact if someone submits a new translation. I've encountered a few situations where I translated a sentence with at least the correct meaning (I know there are usually many possible translations) and someone would submit a translation with a rather large error. I would then be unable to comment on their explanation, or I would have to submit a new, slightly different translation in order to suggest why a certain word I used works better, or help clarify the meaning of a word they translated incorrectly.

For example I corrected a translation of someone in German in which they wrote "liar" for "Lüge" which actually exclusively translates to "lie", and I had to post another sentence in order to say that "Lügner" is the German word for liar.

-Some way to turn the peek option off if you'd rather not become reliant on looking up meanings.

-Some way to organize useful posts about vocab, grammar, etc. Some really great posts with awesome resources tend to get buried, so it would be great to be able to browse or access those easily.

-And I'm also for ekilgour's suggestion for a counter showing sentences translated.


Just some little ideas of mine:

  1. Maybe each word should have more strength bars ex. 8, so then the strength is more accurate. I find that more helpful (and maybe do that for each subject also).

  2. The notification bell should be more flexible: maybe it can notify more things like what the email does

  3. An area in the vocabulary section to write down/record some important/funny sentences/words

This is an already existing idea but, on the profile it should show how much the user helps others (or there can be badges that show how much they help (ex. by levels).)

Another existing idea: Show the difficulty level of the article is the immersion section (or let the users vote the difficulty).

Lastly: I know people have been asking about the language tools and I don't know how they work but I think that there should be a section/tab on your home page (or wherever) where you can add words/phrases and conjugation explanations and Duolingo/ the community/other users can check them out. I hope this will be added or something similar so the users can help improve languages.


My suggestion is not exactly a new feature or something out of the ordinary, but an improvement on the streak system that I think a lot of users would appreciate, and it should be doable in 24-hours. I have read a lot of users complaining around the forum about losing their streak just because Duolingo did not register it (probably because of a bad Internet connection). I am always afraid of this too, and that is why I always open the duolingo website after finishing lessons on the iPad to make sure that my progress registered. My suggestion is to make the streak flame icon dimmer whenever no coins have been earned during a day, and inflame it as soon as the progress of that day is registered at Duolingo. This way, whenever a user sees an inflamed streak, s/he would be rest assured that the streak has registered. It would also be nice if the inflaming part was actually an animation shown with a woof sound when it first lights up :-D


not necessarily a woof sound :) maybe a burn sound would be more fitting


Well that is what I meant, but I couldn't find any better letters to sound similar to a burn sound other than woof ;)


yeah i thought you meant like a dog bark, and i was like, this guy's weird :)


Show the join date somewhere on each person's profile page, and maybe the date of the person's first language lesson.

Currently, to find our join date we have to look at the source code of any Duolingo page, like I explained here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/764132


Yeah this is one that i agree with, because it's kinda difficult to find your join date if you don't know where to look.


Definitely doable within 24 hours!

Challenge us to 'Platinum' a chunk of lessons (I'm defining a chunk as every lesson between two shortcuts) once we have gotten gold in every lesson within the chunk. The Platinum challenge would appear on the shortcut icon, and would give us a large lesson with no peeking and only 1 heart.

I think this would hugely encourage me to get gold on every lesson so that I can show off getting platinum on a lesson!

  1. Exportable vocabulary
  2. Show gender on vocabulary list
  3. Stop timer after question is (wrongly) answered in practice
  4. Add custom first day of the week (Sunday/Monday)
  5. Add new types of answers (e.g. conversation)
  6. Prevent accidental "move away" from page during practice session.
  7. "Strict" option that forces people to type words correctly (e.g. with accents, else it counts it as wrong)


I totally agree on 1: a csv-export of vocabulary would be great. (And is doable in less than an hour)


I believe are accents are very important. I believe some kind of partial credit for spelling the word without accents is helpful. Losing "hearts" for tiny mistakes is very discouraging. My French teacher gave us at least partial credit for this, I hope the Owl does too.


These are mostly all excellent suggestions. And I know they not as "sexy", but I suggest fixing some of the things that were reported as broken/annoying on the discussion forum:

  • when you go to someone's profile page and right-click their buddies to "open in new tab" it opens the wrong page

  • keyboard shortcut to take us to/from discussion page. In particular, after you've opened the discussion page, and hit escape to close it, Enter often does not progress to the next question; instead it reopens the discussion.

2 others:

  • a way to create a pdf or readable html of vocabulary

  • showing vocab words alongside translations (instead of the foreign word twice)

Thank you!


I've forgotten the 'open in a new tab' pb. And it seems to be more general than profiles' pages. For example from the ring bell it does it too.

I'll try to explain it clearly. The problem is that if your are on a page 'www.duolingo.com/XXX/$$$$' then open in a new tab will add '#/YYYY/£££££' after 'www.duolingo.com/XXX/$$$$' instead of replacing '/XXX/$$$$' by '/YYYY/£££££'.

Also, the 'cmd+click' to open in a new tab (under Mac at least), doesn't work on Duolingo.


Doesn't work for windows7 as well


I second numbers 3 and 4, especially the downloadable vocabulary :)

  1. Sometimes, I accidently peek at a word because my pointer was at certain place when going to a new sentence. So maybe if you could give us the ability to decide whether peeking is done by hovering or by clicking.
  2. Repeating a suggestion I saw in another comment: Prompting before leaving a lesson. I would like that very much.


It would be nice if there was an overview or guide section for translating articles. I'm learning French and I've found that sentences in French articles seem to be structured differently from English ones. They're often longer and use slightly different punctuation. Since most people translating on Duo don't really have experience as translators, people can get confused and sentences can be translated too literally or with punctuation that just doesn't really work in English.

It would be helpful if there was a basic guide for small points like that, I think it would improve the quality of translations a lot.


It'd be awesome if you could either make the day a user started in the user's settings or profile, or just give an option to have this info public. But the point is, I'd really love to know just when I bloody decided to start learning German so I can see how much I'm slacking or not.

Also, to have discussions available for sentences on android tablets would be awesome.

Also, if you could make every new word that appears to us highlighted in green, that'd be 10x as awesome.


How about some more features from the website on the mobile apps? Like discussion, vocabulary, maybe lingots?


Offline functionality would also be useful when the internet is not available.


A question: When is this Hackathon?


We're not even sure yet - but it should be sometime this month;)


Indeed, it's not in the description.

So when it will occured? Until when our ideas will be examine to see if there doable in the imminent Hackathon?


Have a page which shows all discussions you are subscribed to, with the ability to quickly select those which from which you wish to unsubscribe.

Also, at one stage we were able to subscribe to whole sections of discussion. I subscribed to both Duolingo and French and so now get every new discussion in these sections posted to my stream, which clogs it up quite a bit. I can't find any way now to unsubscribe from these since the interface changed.


Yes I also think a page which allows you to see all your discussions is a good idea as they can be really hard to keep track of if you just get the odd email or notification.

  • 0/ Tab "last updated" discussions: where discussions are ordered according to the date of the LAST post and not the date of creation!
  • 0bis/ Immersion : impose to comment to give an explanation when someone translates back to an earlier translation. And show and push people to comment/explain theirs changes especially from double language viewing. Maybe prevent any change from this double language viewing if there is at least a comment with a previous version of the translation of the sentence, because with this view, people change things without possibly know the discussion about the sentence etc.
  • 1/ Adding native(s) language(s) (between our pseudo and the flag of language we learn) in discussion (and profile).
  • 2/ Filtering new Wikipedia's articles to translate : to not ask to translate articles that already exist and are well developed in the 'translate to' language. More details : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/752799.
  • 2bis/ In immersion : for Wikipedia articles, don't ask to translate the table of contents, as it's automatically added (and not a Wikipedia's users entry) based on the chapters' titles. Also, don't ask to translate the numeros of notes (like [1]), neither the [edit source| edit] after the chapters' titles (since they're automatically added too).
  • 3/ Tab "my" discussions (but it's maybe too much work for an "Hackathon"... ?). More details : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/731194.
  • 3bis/ Tab "Hi there/friendship request/uncategorized discussion (as "wow", "youhou", ...)/..." discussions (but also it's maybe too much work for an "Hackathon"... ?).
  • 4/ [Done] Discuss sentence : Put back the advertise asking to post here questions about the current sentence or asking confirmation that there is an error (or a missing possible translation). And NOT to report problem(s) or bitching about an error/missing of a possible translation or fooling around or to make general critics about Duolingo : The general discussion section or the [language X] section (or one of the future section I asked for above) is made for this type of post.
  • 5/ "report" button in discussions
  • 6/ Buttons "previous (in time) post"/"next (in time) posts" when navigating from a discussion category. It'll be user-friendly when you revise the messages to answer others' questions to help. Maybe also too complicated for an "Hackathon".
  • 7/ Creating discussion from a skill's page : automatic title with skill's name. More details : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/749607.
  • 8/ Adding all the lacking space before "?" and "!" marks in French sentences.
  • 9/ Forbid one to upvote/downvote his own posts.
  • 10/ bonus points when you finish a time training with more than XX (30? 50?) seconds left.
  • 11/ Accent marks/spellings/punctuations error : win only half (two third or else) the points if you make an accent mark (including space/not space before the mark)/spelling/punctuations error. Maybe only after some level in the tree.
  • 12/ Immersion: adding to the filters about Progress and Categories one to see only the articles uploaded by a specific user. Indeed I find many article irrelevant (cf. for example my point 2bis/) and when detect an user who seems to upload relevant article, I would like to be able to see quickly all the articles he added since the beginning.
  • 13/ Search engine: suppress multiple occurrences. Cf. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/822659 [Maybe not doable within 24hrs]
  • 14/ Prevent from answering in the wrong language. It happens sometimes, when translating from language A to language B and that Duo play at the same time the audio in language A (so not when hearing only at an audio in language A and asked to answer in A), that I'm a little distracted and I answer in language A (as if I was only asked to transcribe an audio) and then I lost a heart. It could be great if, when answering in the wrong language, Duo ask us to start again as it does with audio transcription... At least when we have the exact response in the wrong language (i.e. the same sentence that's the one Duo asks us to translate).
  • 15/ Bell and Stream : Revised sentences from Immersion. See http://www.duolingo.com/comment/820082.
  • 16/ Sentence discussion: suppress the ability to up/down-vote the sentence. In the sentence discussion, the "initial" post is the sentence with its translation. I find that the up/down-vote for this peculiar initial post doesn't make sense, is useless. Of course the up/down-vote of the users comments is useful, but for the initial post...
  • 17/ [Gadget] Highlight friends in discussion : As the "experts" are highlighted by a blue circle and a star, the avatar of the people we follow (not the one of the people following us) could be circled by another color.


EDIT : merging all in the above message.


Some nice ideas :) automatic title with skill's name could be interesting and is probably doable...

Regarding "Report" button in discussions (probably something that cannot be done right now) . I taught about and it and of course it would be good because community experts (the minority) could report more often but also It could be bad because a lot more beginners could make more wrong reports. (maybe a user shouldn't be able to report in discussion unless he has finished the skill which that sentence is from)


Yes the 'finished the skill' condition maybe also coupled with some "account created for more than" and "don't have to many report against himself"


I would like to see verb tables implemented as a mini feature, such as clicking on a verb and having the option to fill it in for different tenses and person perspectives.


Or a verb conjugation practice mode...


When you view your tree it automatically scrolls down to place the first skill you haven't completed yet in the centre of the screen. It gets a little tedious always having to scroll to where you are up to in the tree.

(But I would place the FAQ page above this request. That's really needed.)

  • 1308

Introduce sections to the Vocabulary tab that are exclusively multiple choice.These be could tests that range from basic level (which would be a good confidence builder for new users) to fiendishly difficult sentence based choices where a spelling mistake or accent has been omitted to make the options incorrect . Verbs could be tested in a similar fashion allowing the user to hone down specific problem areas.

This could have a speed test option similar to that already in place. It would also be easy to use on mobile applications as it would require no typing. The sections could be timed in the manner that is already used.

This may seem a lot but really you already have the multiple choice question framework therefore it is just a question of loading the questions and creating a routine to fire out a stream of multi-choice questions when requested. Good Luck !!


I'd like to be able to minimise child comments in discussion threads. For example, here I have to scroll past a lot of people commenting on the first comment before I can read the next suggestion.


Yes! Maybe also reduce the spacing in discussions so we can more quickly glance at information to find what we're looking for.


I would really enjoy being able to come back to a lesson as I first encountered it without incorporating vocabulary from later lessons. For example, I am on Lesson 4 in Italian but am now learning Spanish for my job- so I am placing my Italian on hold for awhile. If after 3 months I go back to Italian and try to review I will basically have to start over instead of being able to refresh my memory- the higher you go in your vocabulary building the worse it gets if you stop for an extended period of time because you'll basically be forced to start back at square one or constantly fail lessons until you remember enough to muddle through.


Maybe a review page after a lesson (especially a timed practice lesson) with all the sentences, so you can do a quick look at where you went wrong and check out any discussions that you couldn't look at during the lesson.


I learned a lot from cassettes called learn Italian in your car. I think this would be a nice addition to your already great product. There could be a section to listen to past lessons and have the translation a few seconds after the sentence in the language in which you are learning (leave enough time for the learner to attempt the translation). In this way you could practice your speech and your comprehension at the same time. Thank you for your great program!


I second this. I use French almost exclusively on vacation, and my listening skills are most important. Having random sentences to listen to, would be very helpful.


I don't know if this is what morabito1 was referring to, but MacMillan put out a "Behind the Wheel" series awhile back. For a time, I was listening to one made for Russian. What made it stand out from the other language programs I had ever listened to was the youthfulness and modern tone of the girl and guy who were used for the voices. I don't know if that is typical of all languages in this series, but you can read more about this audio program here:

Behind the Wheel

To hear a sample of this program for Russian, click on the link below:

Behind the Wheel: Russian 1

The recording above doesn't give you the full flavor of the modern tone in it, but trust me, it is far more modern than what you'll hear in other audio programs, especially if you are limited to what is offered at a public library.

I don't know how this differs all that much from what duolingo currently offers, other than the fact that the quality is better than TTS. Perhaps something like this could be offered as a bonus skill, where, in exchange for lingots, you get to listen to a portion of a program that a publisher allows you to sample for free. Links to purchase the full course could be added to make this a win-win situation for both duolingo and the publisher.


When I'm starting lessons for a particular language (looking at you, French), I would like an option to listen to the pronunciation of every single sentence in each exercise. I don't know if that's doable in this timeframe but it would be very useful for beginners to a particular language.

Also I don't know if this fits here but the Spanish subjunctive lesson is waaaaaay too short for such a crucial concept, and could use some explanation text like there is for earlier exercises. I think it's been a common complaint for people that they're mostly guessing and memorizing the answers to the subjunctive exercise and not coming away with any real understanding. I actually think the Spanish course in general gets a little perfunctory in the advanced lessons.


Apart from the challenge mode someone else posted (which would be AMAZING):

  1. more granularity so I can see what I'm good at/bad at and concentrate appropriately

  2. I'd love to see a "hey, you didn't do so well on these: x, y, z - so let's go at them HARD!"

  3. an extended/more diverse timed practice to see how you're doing on a wider range of lessons, and then a review to see what you're good/bad at after - I'd totally do that just to see what I need to concentrate on!


can we please have a vocabulary practise option in the mobile verion.

  1. A "notepad" feature so we can write down tips and hints about language that we learn in the discussion sections of each sentence that may not otherwise be addressed clearly (or we want to make a pointed note of remembering).

  2. Access to the "Discussions" for each sentence from the mobile app.

  3. Access to the "hints and tips" of each section from the mobile app.

  4. A better balance of free response Foreign Language -> Native Language and Native Language -> Foreign Language sentences. In my opinion there's too much of the former and not enough of the latter.


I especially like the notepad feature. Udemy uses this concept. As you watch a training video (yes, I know these are not videos) you can take notes, save and print. The lesson #, title and time is noted in your notes for you. I do this now using Excel but it would be really nice to be able to jot down some notes and then have access to all your notes including the title of the lesson.


Indeed, I think we should have notes general notes, and notes for everything else, including Skills, vocabulary, lessons, and so forth.



I would totally use this. Flash card drilling built into Duolingo might take longer than the time they have allotted for the hackathon, but the ability to export word lists for use in third party flashcard software should be quicker.


Unlock your Brain and other Apps use the lock screen to quiz you an item every time you take a look at your mobile phone. That I'd like. I'm looking at cram and user-created flashcards in the meanwhile.


I've been using duolingo for a few days now, learning Spanish, and it's amazing. The only feature I miss is Flashcards purely for words memorization. Please, consider developing Flashcards!


I have 5 kids with tablets and they aren't allowed to have access without me. You should add a multiple user thing so I can have my kids on here once a day on their own accounts. Then I can see a report on what they are doing :) Please!!!


that would be good like me and my siblings all use the same computer so instaed of logging out and back in we could just add account (like in gmail)


I support 90% of the ideas in this thread. I would really like to talk by private message with another german student for practice. Also an easier way to check vocabulary (mobile or export list).


How about having a button to only practice the words that are in skills that were once gold but have lost strength?

Maybe it could be called "Practice Weakened Skills".

In the Vocabulary section, by clicking on "Practice Weakest Words" you may or may not be practicing words that have caused skills to deteriorate.

I say this because sometimes I will "Practice Weakest Words" 3 or 4 times in a row, and none of my weakened skills are returned to gold.

Yes, I could just practice the skills that have weakened, but I think it would be better having words from multiple weakened skills than, say, just practicing "Animals", or "Clothing".


Here are some things i think will be great!

  1. In timed practice after you answered the question the timer stops

  2. Not allowing to post an article twice

  3. And add a weekly quiz weekly

If you like any of these idea's reply Vote 1 Vote 2 or vote 3


I would like to see some short videos in the new language to practice understanding the spoken word.


I would really like an exportable vocabulary list. Also, in French, it would be helpful if the gender of the word is clear from the list. Thanks!


PLEASE include the gender in the vocabulary list! Having "die" by itself in vocab and "Suppe" by itself isn't helpful, because I need to know that "soup" in German is "die Suppe."


Level of difficulty, for articles, so that you can find something more suitable, for your language learning capabilities.


I don't know if this would be something you can do fast but, Vocabulary Drills, would be cool. Something multiple choice would work great with timed practice because often I know the answer, but can't type it out fast enough.


Add the various English (Italian->English, Spanish->English, etc.) discussion categories to the list at the right of the main discussion page, so that I could, for example, confirm someone's uncertainty of the pronunciation of "cough". You don't have to be fluent in Italian to answer Italian questions about English.


It would be SUPER-SPACE-AWESOME to choose the type(s) of questions when practising. For example, I can easily translate written French to written English but spoken French to written French I need a LOT more practice with.

  • 1308

Add a music section to Immersion .Lyrics could be posted for translation and maybe include a link to the song.


I have some ideas, small things which I'm glad to have an opportunity to mention :)

  1. Remove the damn skip question button! It is only a trick to steal your hearts anyway! If we were in our chosen foreign country and someone asks us a question... what do we do? Skip--walk away ignoring them? Or have a go at figuring it out, even a guess!
  2. Allow dictionary hints everywhere, all question types etc. I think it is a popular choice.
  3. Add a javascript prompt to make sure we don't accidentally click away from the lesson and have to start again. It's so annoying when you do this, e.g. you're reading question comments and accidentally click a username, consequentially losing your progress.
  4. Improve the website for touch devices. E.g. the dictionary hints don't work on my tablet, since I can't "hover."

Cheers (or as Duolingo has taught me, saluti)!


I totally forgot about that skip question. Maybe instead of removing it they could replace it with "skip question for now button" .That way the same question could be presented as the last question. By then another similar question might present itself making it a bit easier to understand the question you've skipped.

I hope you've used feedback option in app for #4. :) by using it duo staff gets more info which can help them understand why is that happening.


Please don't remove skip button! Occasionally a "Speak and Record" question appears but the "Record" button doesn't - so I am left hanging - the only 2 options are to restart the whole lesson or to lose a heart and skip the question which I do. Also sometimes no matter how many times I repeat my pronunciation, it will not accept it - so at that point I opt to lose a heart. At least for the "speak and record" portion, include the "skip question" button. Thanks

  1. a FAQ page and Immersion Instructions could be added easily, I think.
  2. Native Language Icon (that doesn't change when we switch lessons to/from English)
  3. Make the discussion forum more organized! additional Tab Label Ideas: Suggestion Box, Cultural questions
  4. Ability to mark a word from vocabulary list to practice it more/less/never.
  5. Lesson Tagging system for Immersion articles. For instance, As I am translating an article, I notice it has a lot of Nature terms, so I can link it to the nature lesson. Or It uses Past tense a lot, so I link it to the preterite lesson.


1) Prevent Duo from using the listening test (where it speaks and you write) on words/grammar you've never seen in writing.

2) Achievements and trophies! More gaming!

3) Enhancements to the app. Most importantly, we need vocabulary and discussions.

4) As others have mentioned, timed tests should pause when you answer correctly!

5) Maybe some grammar tips for French, like there are for German?


Hi all! We've completed our first Hackathon and are super excited for the next one. Please see the official discussion post (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/890184) and let us know what you think! There were a lot more projects, but we could only pick a few to write about:) Thanks for all the ideas!


Hope you find the time to discuss the rest of them at some point in the future.


Making it so the wikipedia articles that are translated by people on duolingo are automatically uploaded to wikipedia if there is not already that article in the language.


Well, you could give us a notification when someone writes to you. Here's my discussion about that. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/775482


I don't know how this is for the other languages, but I've just reached the perfect tense for Spanish and it would be nice if we could have some verb conjugations to help us with the different tenses, I assume there aren't any grammar lessons in the other tenses taught either? It seems like something that wouldn't be too difficult to add? :) I can't wait to see what new stuff you guys add! Thanks!


Maybe add a couple of brief lessons about abbreviations. It occurred to me the other day when I saw "Bldg. 2" that abbreviations can be hard to figure out sometimes. :)

  • thread participation marker to indicate "where you've been"
  • considering forum display options so that recently modified threads drift to the top
  • opening up the forums of the EN FL and the FL EN sides so that cross participation is easier
  • voice activation/deactivation instead of fishing for the record/stop buttons
  • normalization of level for those who have completely tested out of skills without doing lessons (I did and I'm answering questions from level 18s)


Great ideas ;) But maybe some too long : 'opening forum' maybe for example since I fear that the different interfaces (from english, from french, from spanish etc...) are quit isolated one from each others. But if it's doable, that would be awesome.


Small fix - add the option under settings to have the accent bar always showing for a particular language. I am currently learning spanish and when I am in the "I know spanish - I want to learn english" site I am always clicking on the icon to show (so I can use) the accents. When I am in the "I know english - I want to learn spanish" the accents are always available. Gracias


It would be nice to have an all oral practice portion so we can listen to the language to become more adept. While it is scattered throughout the practice tests I don't really hear the language enough to be fluent.

  1. Weakest words http://www.duolingo.com/comment/765891.

  2. Add Multiplayer/Singleplayer POP Quiz Spelling Test -- http://www.duolingo.com/comment/774162

  3. Vocabulary with pictures http://www.duolingo.com/comment/582137

  4. View all my posted/started threads

  5. Teach Alphabet -- some people learn strange german alphabet and don't even know how to pronounce the letters

  6. Group similar categories in vocabulary section. : e.g. (Calendar days -- monday, tuesday, ...) Colors (white, black),

  7. Automatically go to next question in Timed practice without review http://www.duolingo.com/comment/841597

  • Loop through all words in the vocabulary section and have an option to mark which words to remove from practice. Or Add a button/ checkbox to note words that have been memorized. Remove them automatically if many mistakes are made with that word.

  • Keyboard shortcut for skipping questions would be perfect.


I'd suggest different type of practicing where the user can choose to do all type of exercises mixed (checkbox, translation, hearing) as it is today or he can choose to practice only one.


Ability to create/select pictures(mems) for the new words, when they appear for the first time. I mean something like memrise(memrise.com). It really speeds up the learning process. Duolingo and memrise are both great project, but combined together, they would be absolutly amazing and mind-blowing.

  1. Maybe a chat between friends function (or even chatrooms).

  2. if it would pause in practice mode after you have answered a question.

  3. discussions on apps.

  4. Offline feature on apps.


I don't know how long things take to accomplish but this is what I would like to see:

When I am reading a discussion post (like this one, for example), when I finish and I hit the 'back' button on my browser, it takes me back to the TOP of the discussion page and I have to scroll all the way down again to get to the next unread discussion post. It would be nice if it would return me to the place on the previous page where I was when I clicked on the link.


I've suggested this before but GROUPS! Would be so much better for friends, classes, internet forums etc. to be able to create their own groups with league tables in terms of community building and staying motivated. Thanks!


Sorry - just thought of another suggestion, to do with the Immersion pieces. They can be great fun to do - once, and with a few comments after wards for feedback. BUT take some of them off after a while, or at least put in an "unfollow" button. Has everyone in the world tried the Chocolate cake piece in French? Do they also get plagued with all the revisions every day? Even when I just delete them, they still come in and fill my inbox. Mostly, they're just tiny alterations or switching between one version and another, but importantly for Duo, the overall translation isn't getting any better now. I think people just like chocolate cake. . .


You already can "unfollow" these revisions on a per sentence basis. Go to the revision, open the revision history. At the bottom there's a button to unfollow. But I agree, it'd be a nice (and arguably necessary) feature to be able to unfollow the revisions on a per article basis. [And perhaps place the per sentence unfollow feature a bit more prominently :) ]


Hi Wataya - thanks for this! I really hadn't seen the buttons because they aren't where I was expecting them to be. I'm not good at techno stuff as you may guess, but I think others also do not realise these things. Some simple instructions about them might help, and certainly giving more prominence to navigation buttons would too.


The placement of this button isn't the most obvious one, I certainly agree :)


Most of the things I consider the most important to improve has already been posted (such as pausing when opening discussion/report, confirmation before leaving a test, and flagging words/concepts) but here's a few more suggestions:

  • Showing a list of failed questions after a test has finished (to review)
  • Hotkeys for signs (e.g. c-cedilla)
  • Expanded profiles with date joined, highest streak etc
  • Graphed history (check out Khan academy)
  • Being able to post a diary which others can correct (check out lang-8)


Would love videos to be added, which we could subtitle in various different languages , help translate the web! Also please try and add immersion section in the mobile apps! Ohh and of course continue working on the user translated languages! I just have to learn IRISH! (GAEILGE)


Maybe you should also disallow upvoting one's own comments...


Seems obvious enough...


Here's a simple suggestion I made months ago that's still on the "top posts of all time" list: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/125815

When you make a mistake, you should have to type the correct answer.

I would love to see this implemented!


Why not create some easter-eggs, chistmas-specials, haloween specials, new years specials? Maybe even adjusted for each language!

Better be prepared for the hollidays!


Change the words from Awesome! to the word in the language you are learning (like the way a Brazilian would say Awesome! or Phew!)


In the exercises (fr->en or en->fr) after I got it right or wrong I want to test other translations to see if they are accepted or not.


For the time being you can ask it to the community through the Discuss sentence button. You'll have an answer and explanation.

  1. Native language flags! The number one thing that I think would make Duolingo be considered as THE place for serious language learners to go to learn a language is a way to identify input from native speakers or very fluent language experts. I often encounter incorrect answers to questions I've submitted in the Spanish exercise forums. Seeing the language levels is helpful but knowing the native language of the person who answered your question gives a lot more credence to an answer. In general, I do my own research (not a bad thing, mind you) but there are nuances that can't be gleaned from reading grammar rules. Book usage and common usage can be world's apart.
  2. Add the English/ xxxx forums to the list of Language Forums. I don't understand why this has not been done already since it's a frequent request. It's a win-win for both language learners and another opportunity to practice your new language in a real life context.
  3. Probably not a 24 hr task.....Groups! I know I would benefit from working with a small group of people with members from both languages. For example: The Spanish / English Beginners group, intermediate group, advanced group. Just give us the framework and members can set up and take responsibility for managing their group. There's probably an open source plug-in available to enable such group functionality.
  4. Add a link to Word Reference, probably the number 1 online language dictionary resource with excellent forums. http://www.wordreference.com/#


If answer is acceptable but has minor mistakes (accents, minor typos, non-capitilisation), then there ahould be an option to correct the typo without identifying it, i.e. "Woops, you made a typo, go fix it!" or "It's correct but you're missing an accent, try again"


Have a common phrases skill, i.e. "my name is..." and "I come from...". Granted, this may take longer than 24 hours.


could you please add the Weekly Progress tab to the Iphone/Ipad apps please so I can see those coins, unless I can see them somewhere already and I don't know it ? but I really like looking at those so I know what I have done each day and sometimes I only use the mobile app. At the moment I normally open up duolingo on my browser on my Iphone if I want to see the coins but it doesn't run very well on the small screen.


How about adding ranks or badges for those with a combination of words learned, points earned, lessons mastered and streaks built.

Could have a military style ranking system.

Would encourage people to focus on learning a module in it's fullest, log in daily and learn the broad range of languages. Perhaps making a set amount of each required to unlock a certain rank so you couldn't just point collect from day 1 and get a high rank.

Earning ranks can be addictive and a fun challenge to encourage people to stick at it.


I think you guys should find a way to link certain vocabulary words, for example animals [rabbit, bear, crab] or colors [grey, yellow, orange], during practice so that users get fewer sentences that are exactly the same, but rather are changed up dynamically simply based on the fact that the words have the same basic function only with different meanings.


A button that takes you straight to the earliest available lesson.


Yes, every unit should have a explanation of the lesson, particularly each verb form should have an explanation.


Not sure if this is already listed (I did not see it or possibly missed it), but I would like the option to separate the different feeds on the stream (comments versus level up versus answering discussions, etc) - if this is doable in the 24 hrs, that would be great.

Another thing I happen to see in the German section is that there is many similar questions regarding accusative case or nicht versus kein....if there is a section dedicated to similar questions, users can look there for help....


Make it possible to add new vocabulary encountered during translation to the vocabulary list so that they can be practiced later. Users will benefit more from translation and be more motivated to find new words resulting in better and more translations.


I am still at the beginning, but would be interested in short phrase translation game ( in case there is not already). Just to exercise grammar a bit more.


A little something to reward us for doing the spaced practice necessary to keep our completed trees gold - a gold necklace or laurel wreath for the owl at the bottom that only shows when all skills are gold? Something similar for keeping your part-completed tree gold as you work through?


I'm sure this is already in here somewhere and I want to support it, but the thread is already long and I can't find it:

Giving the option to "mark/flag" vocabulary (during a lesson & on the vocabulary tab) and then being able to practise all the flagged stuff! As in "practise weakest words" only that we can choose the words in this category ourself. I think this is very important! I have a friend who quit Duo and said he won't come back as long as something like this is still not possible. So I think this is something not only I would welcome.


Order the verbs in the vocabulary section so you know what person and numerus the verb form accounts for.

So not être: est suis êtes

But instead the way it is in the conjugation table on the word page.


A good thing to implement would be to stop the clock in the timed practice when the user gets something wrong so he has time to see the right answer OR maybe display it all at the end of the exercise: correct and wrong answers, that would be very good


I would like to see the Immersions have a category for levels - like easy / medium / difficult? Got any elementary school books?


Show the mistakes at the end of the lesson or even at the end of the week so you can learn from your mistakes. Maybe even giving an option to improve "The weakest points of the month" where the mistakes you had along the month are the only ones in the test.


Before/After Hackathon (really exagerated^^): http://i.imgur.com/KvfDZ14.jpg?1 Pimp my duolingo


When I open the vocabulary within a module, I would like to see a column with each word's translation. Sometimes you want to review a lot of words at the same time and you lose a long time having to open each one of them.


I would really like to see an extension of the language points that are in the early sections but don't appear in mid-sections onwards. For example, I've just got flung into "Modal Verbs" in German without a clue as to what they are or how they should be used, so I've lost a lot of owls, whereas with some basic ground rules at the beginning of each section, it might be lot less disheartening! This especially applies when very idiomatic expressions are introduced. "Es tut mir leid" (German) or "Je te manque" (French) are just two examples. These cause a great deal of confusion & frustrated discussion about what they mean and how they work, whereas an opening explanation of what the expression is and how it is expressed in the other language would make everyone's lives easier. There are some very patient & kind people out there in Duo world who do all that for us slower brains, answering our questions in the discussions - you should pay them!


There should be more opportunities to create sentences from your native tongue to the new language.


The ability to easily send corrections for the current sentence is absolutely essential in the mobile app.


I've been using duolingo forever (since the beta test originally came out) and I LOVE it. I think that it's great that you're taking suggestions for the Hackathon.

I have Four suggestions:

1) It would be nice if it were a bit easier to incorporate duolingo into our classrooms. As it make teacher/student accounts so we can have the ability to check the progress of our students easily without having to rely on looking at our "stream" and each student's tree.

2) In the 'invite facebook friend' feature. It allows everyone to send multiple invites to each one of their facebook friends. It would be nice if it would just show 'invite sent' after you send the first invitation. I know that I've accidentally resent invitations to the same friend not realizing I had invited them before.

3) It should be a bit easier when a new user starts duolingo to know how to test into the right area on the tree. I have a lot of students that are advanced English learners but they don't like Duolingo because they don't understand how to get past the easy lessons into the more advanced ones.

4) I wish it were possible to change the strength on vocabulary to make them weaker. THere are some words that I always forget and I'd like to just be able send them back to 1 bar of strength.


Good idea about the teacher/student accounts, you should also be able to leave comments, and if a feature was to become available to view 'attempts on "Averbs 2" etc. then it could also help you notice each students strengths and weak spots.


Gracias for the comment!


I'm not sure if this is doable in 24 hours, but what about a "Language is a way of life" thing, and the users could post pictures of their travels, recipes, and other stuff? It's a great place to get inspired! Yay for culture :3


Another idea: An option to disable all speech/listening exercises, to make Duolingo accessible to the deaf/hard of hearing. I think the other exercise types are still a great resource for such individuals attempting to learn to read another language, although I don't have personal experience with such efforts.


Hi, you can already do this in your settings. Just go to http://www.duolingo.com/settings/account and set "Speaker" and "Microphone" to "off". You can also turn off voice autoplay and sound effects if you want to make it super quiet;)


This might take too long for a 24 hour thing, but I've been thinking about it a LOT, and think it could really improve the Duolingo experience:

Having a section up top, whether in the immersion section or in its own section, which allows users to communicate with another user who is a native speaker of that language via VOIP/Skype, or even instant messaging (text).

Users could organise meet times, gain pen pals/make friends in other countries all whilst learning their target language.

Also, a section for online video lessons from the community would be great, where one could supplement their Duolingo vocabulary building with say, a fifteen minute video on French idioms, or common language roots between indo-european languages - opening up Duolingo as a place for linguists interested in technical, cultural and historical information as well as people who just want to improve their language skills.

I am aware that some of these services exist on other sites, but to have everything here in Duolingo would be incredible.

tldr: Let us practice languages with other users over VOIP, and let us upload our own video lessons to be voted on and judged by the community.


When I get a speech recognition question wrong, show me the first sound or syllable that wasn't recognized.

[deactivated user]

    I propose a grammar section for each section, just to help make the various mechanics and endings of the language more memorisable.


    For languages with accents: with enough practice, a word will "look right" or "look wrong" when you see it with or without its accents. Test questions like (French example): Check the right one: gateau - gâteau - gáteau - gateáu would help me a lot. Personally. Maybe put together with right/wrong gender for our complete reviewing (dis)pleasure: le gateau - la gâteau - le gáteau - la gateáu... and now I really don't know which one's the cake, huh...


    Specific drills just for verbs. You prompt us with the infinitive form and we have to conjugate it for each person. With extra emphasis on irregular verb forms.


    I'd like to see more photos, like Babbel.com has, to strengthen learning.


    Different practice activities! I don't care what type, but the same practice gets so boring after a while! Can't we get click and drag features? Pictures? Putting into lists? Fill in the blanks? Conjugate this verb in 4 ways?

    Different responses to correctness and errors - not the same thing all the time. Come on, owl. Get creative! :)


    karint - How About Posting the Top Options that are viable/doable from all these options presented for the Hackathon and then we vote or comment?



    I've read every post on this thread and will present the team with the list of suggestions;) We love the input from the community - you guys have some great ideas!


    awesome, we would like to know what the final list is, once your team decides, if that is possible?



    Vocabulary tab: IPA (International phonetic alphabet) pronunciation below words


    Begin using WebRTC to playback and/or capture the audio; thus removing the need for Flash.

    Flash is still poorly supported on non-Desktop devices, and moving to capture without means that the iOS and Android clients can record speech too.


    It would be nice if there were a way to report a problem from the discussion page. Sometimes I am not sure if my answer should be accepted or if I have made an error. Usually some kind person explains what my problem was, but sometimes, my answer has been correct, but I can't get back to the question to report the problem. Could you make a link from the "discussion" page to the "report a problem" page? Thanks.


    In this case use the Support button on the left. (Duolingo's instructions)


    That is how I have been doing it. Where are the Duolingo instructions? I have never seen them but I know that they exist somewhere.


    Oh no, I meant by instruction that they answered me to process this way when I suggest the same idea (report button in discussion page) some weeks ago.


    Put two levels next to a person's comment: the level they were at when they made the comment and the level they are at now, say "3,14". Currently, it only shows the level they are at now say "14".

    Putting someone's current level beside a comment they made at an earlier level sometimes makes the comment seem more reliable than it is.

    I realize it would probably only be possible for comments added after the change.


    When someone responds to one of my comments on one of these crazy long threads, could you make it so that when I click the bell, it goes right to the reply and I don't have to scroll through all of the comments?


    How about allowing the user to set the amount of time they get in timed practice? Personally I like it because it's such a race against time you have to rely on instinct, instead of carefully interpreting a sentence. It feels more like natural language use, and like it's actually forcing my brain to think in the other language.

    But half the time it's more a test of my typing ability than my language skill - and I can type fairly quickly, it still rushes me into making a ton of mistakes. I can see it being completely useless for people without typing skill, which is a shame because it's incredibly useful I think. I don't care about the points aspect, so if that's an issue maybe it could be tweaked to give fewer points the more you slow things down. I just don't think the game should get in the way of its usefulness, y'know?

    Also the longer sentences need completely balancing. Sometimes I see a huge line of words come up and think 'not a chance' and just let the clock run out. Maybe it could be weighted so longer/more complex sentences only appear if you have at least X seconds left? I know you're awarded more time for getting them correct (right?) but that assumes you actually have a chance to answer them!


    I agree, in addition I propose a "Custom (competitive) Timed Practice with High Score"( http://www.duolingo.com/comment/828866)

    The general idea is that you set a time maybe 5 minutes or 10 mins or so, and attempt to answer as many questions as possible. Another idea would be to specify the number of questions to answer and let duolingo decide how much time is required. There could also be personal/friends high scores that you may want to beat, for preset times such as 5/10/15 mins for specific skills.


    I think that it would be very nice for the following features to be added to Duolingo:

    1. In the timed practice, the clock pauses when you answer a question so that you can see your translation or discuss a sentence below, then resumes as soon as the "Enter" button is pressed.

    2. A scale that shows how close you are to becoming fluent in a language.

    3. The date you began learning on Duolingo appears on your profile.

    4. Earn 1 extra lingot for every month you remain on Duolingo.

    These are just some minor ideas that I had, and I may come up with some more. Since Duolingo is such a good website, I find it really hard to find more ways that it can be improved!



    mode to repeat questions you got wrong randomized until you get them 100% to exit an exercise. If I got it wrong I need to reprogram my brain to get it right by repetition.


    I like this suggestion. Repeating the whole unit requires repeating (and repeating and repeating) the questions I have no trouble with hoping to get to the ones I do have trouble with.


    Yes. Time is much better spent working on what you don't know rather than what you already know.


    I don't know if you guys still check this thread, maybe for future hackathons but here it goes..

    Because of the language incubator more and more people from all over the world will join duolingo. I myself am a native German speaker and sometimes I help out in the German learning forum. As of now the flags in the discussion boards only indicate what language you are learning but not your native language. It would be nice to have that displayed as well.

    You guys are doing an incredible job. I just came back from a break of a few months and oh boy, things have changed.

    Keep on doing what you do, you guys are awesome!


    @akopaluetze, I think a native language hover reveal would be great. I hope they do something like this! :)


    Thoroughly agreed! This a a feature I have been wanting, too.


    idea- when the topics become much more advanced to maybe have instructions in the language you are learning


    Add tips to more skills, like the early skills have. They become even more necessary once you get to more difficult skills, but that's when you don't have them anymore.


    I propose colour coding for word genders, just to help make the gender more memorable.

    EDIT: So for some words, the gender is written at the bottom in grey, but when there is a list of definitions/synonyms for one word there is no indication of gender...


    I'm a software developer, and I think that's probably doable in few minutes (less than an hour). But yes it would be useful. But I don't think it should always show, perhaps only show the first time, because the purpose of duolingo is to help test if you know something.

    I agree with it if it is in the vocabulary area. Pink for Feminine, Blue for Masculine.

    I also agree if colors are shown for actual colors, like the color green highlighted in green, etc.


    I'd love this, but let's not hard-code the colors to pink/blue. Color and gender is something that varies by culture. A more neutral/arbitrary (and color-blind-safe) pair would be better, I think.


    Yeah appearing in colour the first time would be useful, and again if you need to highlight the word to see the meaning. Looking up word genders is one of the things that slows me down the most. Or even just a little (m.) or (f.)...


    Yes, during first time, and peeking would be useful.


    I would suggest that on the line of that, you have an activity where you sort them by gender... but that may take more than an hour.


    Actually, in French there are questions that make you choose the appropriate article with a particular word. E.g. [un / une] chien, [l' / le / la] huile. Maybe we could choose to do a gender test (against the clock) with only this kind of questions. Would do wonders for my vocabulary reviews.


    Agreed, that would be rather useful, for maybe a long term plan.


    It's a nice idea, but I hope it would be optional. I get a lot of pleasure from correctly remembering the gender of a noun that I learned outside of Duolingo the first time I see it on Duolingo. It could be useful to be able to choose various options like this depending on each individual's learning style.


    As long as the colours can be set by each user. I was recently speaking with a friend and found out we have different colour schemes based on what we were taught in school.


    Yes, this please.


    What colour would you suggest for neuter? Remember we could be talking about German here.


    Perhaps a neutral colour, maybe grey or silver.


    Great idea!!! It would definitely help- mainly in German :) although I dont know if its doable in 24 hours! Hope so :D


    what if some people are colourblind?


    Colorblind-friendly color schemes exist.


    then it would not make any difference to them


    Especially, in German, without a gender pattern like in French and Spanish, German requires rote memorization and experience that are intermittent during daily training and inconsistent when going through lessons.


    I like this one :) It should be simple to do and very useful.

    EDIT: but I hope it is going to be optional.


    Oh yes, yes, yes yes.


    I think this is an excellent idea.


    Something needs to be done for gender, I feel its the one area where pure repetition does not cut it. Colour (with a u) would be a great start ;) !


    How would it work exactly? If you mean the words would be color-coded in the exercises, I dunno, I just think that's what peeking is for.


    Coloured the first time you see it, and again if you peek, as far as I am aware peeking currently doesn't provide you with the gender.

    (edit user knsam below is right, I just hadn't seen the gender before, faint grey though - could do with a bit of colour :)


    No, I think peeking does provide you with gender. The bottom most line is the gender.


    It's not always there though. Maybe just for me?


    I don't see the gender when I peek, either. I always have to look it up on another language site.


    I've been sitting with a German-English dictionary handy for when I can't remember the gender. Peeking doesn't help for gender.


    Hmm, I think it sometimes does, but it's certainly lacking.

    I think it's a good idea!


    I just wanna know who's bringing the pizza and Mt. Dew. Coding marathons have traditions to maintain, you know.


    It'll probably be Cliff Bars and beer;) (In all seriousness, we're pretty spoiled regarding the food and drink we get here, so we'll probably get something delicious).


    I hope they are getting much better food and drink than that. Mountain Dew is particularly awful stuff.


    I would like to be able to search for a profile name. I have been able to search for a profile name (user name) only if that person has made a post in some particular discussion, but NOT the posts made in the lesson discussions,


    I was wondering if it is possible to know our level: beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced and which lessons and skills we have to learn and develop to achieve the next level. Also, suggestions about music and movies that would be useful. Thanks


    Can we have an option to only receive notices about discussions we are following when someone specifically replies to our comment?


    There is already a notification bell near the settings for that. Probably they are still testing it on a percentage of users.


    I am sorry if I repeat some comment but i would like something like chat zone for practice :)


    Also good ability to print some grammar for lesson and/or my vocabulary


    A Question and Lesson Editor that allows you to create your own questions and lessons.


    My own lessons could be accessed in my profile page or I can share my lessons with DUO friends.


    Word strength trend: Show how many times you've gotten a word correct and how many times you've gotten it incorrect. Daily, weekly, monthy and lifetime results available as well. This way you can see which words you need to work on and which ones you've improved on.


    Not sure if this is possible in the Android app but... Have the OS keyboard switch to the appropriate language based on the context, and perhaps disable autocompletion of any type (subject to user preference).


    I would like to be able to better colaborate with others while real-world translating. I would like to be able to leave messages on translations and not necessarily have to change them to leave a note. Sometimes I just have questions or suggestions, and am unsure about making a change


    Cute little owl gifs, for when you finish/fail a lesson. These should also have an 8bit option.


    I'd love to be able to use the mobile app to just listen to the sentences I am learning at the moment, "walkman style".


    It would be great, if it is possible to mark "weak" words manually. Sometimes I notice that a word is really hard to memorise and I would be glad, if I could tag this word for myself.


    Easily fixable problem but has annoyed me on sooo many occasions (probably due to my clumsy fingers!) but I often feel like the check button is in the wrong place! I have often pressed it by mistake when trying to drag the words into a sentence. This problem is especially irritating on the iPhone


    How about a way for users to provide vocabulary lists for themselves, or the public for sharing? At least the word and image would be easy. You could even use a translation API like Google to auto-suggest translations, then use Creative Commons image search in Flickr or Google APIs to provide a choice of associated images. Type word in English -> Choose Appropriate Image -> Get vocab card with word, translation, and image.

    Or a way for power users to add their own languages within the Duolingo system. This would either need to be kept private, or moderated somehow.

    As you can tell I'm pro-UGC, as the tools alone aren't hard to build and let the product grow exponentially. It's also self-serving, as I'm a web developer and a linguist who's primary languages aren't listed :) Great job though guys, I love your work!


    I'd like a list of all the mistakes I've made, viewable for different time periods (today/this week/all time). If there's a word that I keep getting wrong, I want to see it there and review it.


    It's not about a new feature, but something to help learning.

    While learning italian, when you have to pick on sentence, you can come across this: > Mangio la mela > Mangio la toro > Mangio la caramelle (The last ones are the wrong ones.) But it would be better if they were displayed «Mangio il toro» and «Mangio le caramelle», because it helps to remember the correct way to say it.

    Anyway, thank you Duolingo. Your website is already amazing :)


    New Practice option - count up correct answers to a goal (say 10 correct answers) rather than go against a 30 second timer. The countdown can turn into a speed typing contest, whereas some may get more out of a patient approach to getting 10 right. Do it in as few practice questions as possible, etc.


    I abandoned the speed practice for the reason you say, that it turns into a speed typing contest. I could never stop myself from pressing ENTER twice as soon as I finished typing, which meant I could never see what I did wrong when I made a mistake.

    Now I always use "Practice without a timer". That does almost what you asked for except that you have to get the usual 16 out of 20 to pass the practice.

    Now I'm pondering ... would it feel like a different challenge to try to get 10 right in 10 tries vs trying to do 20 questions and still have 3 hearts left.

    I guess it would be different if I was practising something I'm really having trouble with. Rather than see the crying owl after 4 failures, and then starting a new practice, over and over, I'd get to keep on practising until I managed to get 10 right.


    Publish an API so devoted learners and programmers can write apps to enhance interoperability between sites like Duolingo.com, Bliubliu.com and memrise.com.


    I like getting emails about discussion I have posted in, but sometimes a discussion is too popular and my inbox is flooded with notices. Please do something.


    In case you didn't know, you can unfollow popular discussions by pressing the "following discussion" button at the top of the page or the unfollow button in the notification email.


    Thanks for the tip, it never would have occured to me that the 'following discussion' was a button and that it would unfollow the discussion. I generally like getting the emails, it is just that once in a while I find 243 new emails all saying that someone has posted in a discussion I am following.


    This hasn't worked for me, though I don't know if that's just a glitch or a more general problem. And the Unfollow Discussion button in e-mails just takes me back to the discussion. I'm now looking for the "to unfollow discussion click here" instruction that sometimes appears at the foot of a page or article.


    I don't know if everyone has it but (they are testing it maybe) duolingo has made a notification bell that is in upper right corner of the site and it only shows a notification if someone has directly replied to your comment.

    I don't know which email service you're using but you can make a filter for emails arriving from Duolingo that will sent them in you're specific duo "folder" in that email service bypassing inbox. Also, gmail (I don't know about others) groups all emails from the same discussion in one thread (Instead of having 300 separate emails I see It as one thread)


    You can unfollow a discussion.


    Maybe this gets buried, maybe it isn't doable within 24 hours, but whatever..

    How about this: You give people a treat for a certain amount of "upvotes" they get for a comment on the discussion boards. Some coins, a lingot or whatever. I bet this would encourage more people to participate and help others.


    Your idea is similar to that of 1bimic. I agree there should be a way to encourage people to participate and help others. Badges and/or lingots would be nice (also a list of users that are most active in a certain language section correlated with "upvotes" could be helpful)

    The problem are "upvotes", they can mean almost anything: thank you, I agree, I want to know this as well. Something like thank you button could be more specific.


    I agree that they can have different meanings, even "hah, good one!" which might be the biggest problem. I like the idea of a "karma" system like we know from reddit, maybe even with more benefits but yeah, if it's based on up/downvotes it also encourages witty comments that don't contribute to the discussion.

    As for the things you listed, I think they all mean that you contributed something useful and could therefore be rewarded.


    Keep track of how much time you have spent on a language by day, month and all time.


    Personally I'd like to be able to export the vocabulary list as an Anki deck (with audio) because I often see words that I've seen before, I have no clue what they mean though yet that Duo thinks I know them. Different places to study them would be nice. As seems to be a theme though; I don't know how doable this is.

    1. Simple Flash Cards A flash card area to go through vocabulary - being able to just select them from the words we have mastered
    2. Auto Play An area that lists all words mastered and automatically plays through them. Great for when working out, walking, running and cannot use duolingo in the standard way :)


    Make an easy way to add foreign characters/accents to your typing without changing your computer keyboard settings. Perhaps something like typing nin~o would be interpreted as niño.


    Is it possible to do a set of questions that is all of one type? For example, I like challenging myself with the "translate to spanish" questions. I would like it if I could choose to practice with a whole set of only that type of question.

    I'm pretty new to the site, so my apologies if this is actually a current feature!


    I was just going to suggest this!

    I would like to be able to practice with only "Listen and Type" questions. Sometimes it seems like there are only two or three of that kind of question in a practice session.


    Improve the detection of ends of sentences in Immersion. For example, "At pg. 222, ¶3., ix. §iii. of the autobiography of Charles V. an example is given." is not six sentences.

    Is the following already done? Merge the votes for identical translations of a sentence in Immersion. Joe writes "Contents [edit]" and gets 2 votes, Mark writes "Contents" and gets 2 votes, Bill writes "Contents [edit]". When Bill saves his edit, he sees that this translation has three votes (including his own, implied saved edit vote).


    Could it perhaps be permitted for translators to more effectively suggest the merging of sentence fragments?

    Many articles show two different approaches to fragments, at the same time. The first approach is to merge all the fragments into the start of the sentence, leaving the translation blank for the following fragments.

    But, other editors adopt a different approach and insist that if there's a fragment there, it's meant to be translated separately.

    [So we end up with part 1. including part 2. and part 3. followed by a repetition of the fragments.] [including part 2.] [and part 3.] [followed by a repetition of the fragments.]

    See the problem? It needs some hackathoning, I humbly suggest.


    I wouldn't call the first one an approach ... I think it's just a mistake. So I think the effort should be towards reducing the chances of making that mistake.

    One way to reduce the problem would be to use one colour to highlight the part of the article currently being translated and a different colour for any other parts that we happen to mouse over. Currently, the part we're translating is highlighted in yellow, but if we mouse over another sentence, it goes yellow too.

    It's especially confusing on the "translation tab" once you've started to translate a multiple-section paragraph.


    Hm. Well, I humbly disagree. The mistake is made by Duolingo, and the translator who uses the first approach is attempting to overcome that error. The other translators are not handling the mistake made by the Duolingo sentence parsing script.

    Word order and sentence structure follow different rules in different languages. If the DL bot has made a parsing error, so that a sentence is split into multiple "sentences", it is a mistake that can only be overcome by sensible decisions on the translating end.

    For example, a sentence in German is likely to have an entirely different order than in English. German often takes entire phrases as an object, more often than in English. That means that if the object phrase is broken up into chunks by Duolingo (and this happens often, right now), the English chunk will almost certainly be nonsense.


    Ok, I see. In the Spanish translations, I have never seen the case where a sentence is split. I have only seen the case where a paragraph is split up into its separate sentences.


    Well, I just encountered my first Spanish article where sentences are split up. I see what you mean - it's a mess.

    And now I see what you mean about needing a way to merge the fragments. I am the first translator of the article I'm working on, and it would be great to be able to fix up the merging problem so that nobody else runs into it.

    The sentence I'm working on now has the phrase "cambios significativos" [significant changes] split across fragments. I translated the whole sentence into the first fragment and put this as my "translation" of the second fragment: "[Note to other translators: Let's translate this fragment as part of the previous fragment]".

    The annoying thing is that we lose the hover help in the parts of the sentence that we're not working on.

    I just started a separate Troubleshooting discussion on this. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/820427. (I couldn't find an existing discussion - the search isn't great.)


    Search immersion AND merge, immersion AND merging and immersion AND split give some discussion but nothing about our subject. It seems your the first one posting. ;)

    but thanks for making me search, I found this great discussion about rules when translating : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/374605. Could be in an FAQ. ;)

    1. ability to change the order of comments from first posted first seen to last posted first seen ... provided both options


    I suggest two things: 1)Some kind of whiteboard with a piece of information what you are working on. We would stop jabbering with questions and maybe even help you.

    2) I think a list of concepts would be nice. your work on concepts seems a little futile as they are appearing sometimes and then dissapear of our heads without any way to see them again and exercise.


    Anything that brings the experience of the mobile app closer to that of the website. I was using the mobile app for a little while, but I find that I now prefer to just wait until I'm home so I can use the browser version because it has many way more features (in-lesson feedback, discussions, "Tips" sections, voice input, "weekly progress" display, article translation, etc.). Because of these features, I feel like I learn better on the website than on the app. Probably another reason I don't feel like I learn as much on the app is because I find the "tap the words in the right order" task to be too easy. I remember how to spell words better when I actually have to type them letter-by-letter.


    Just some thoughts for minor improvements:


    1. [Removed (already there)]
    2. If answer is accepted but with mistakes (accents, minor typos), show the translated answer as well as the corrected one

    Mobile (Android)

    1. Show weekly progress on the sidebar
    2. Make slow audio speed available on all question types

    1. keyboard shortcut for slow audio : Ctrl + Shift + Space


    Ah, thanks. I'd tried that, and it doesn't work on this machine (Win7 Pro), but presumably something else I have installed is grabbing that key combo.

    I'd suggest adding the ability to configure those shortcuts, but I don't think that's a realistic request in this context.


    It doesn't work for me either. I posted it here:


    You could post there so they know there are more people with different configurations with the same problem.


    It would be nice if there were a way to report a problem from the discussion page. Sometimes I am not sure if my answer should be accepted or if I have made an error. Usually some kind person explains what my problem was, but sometimes, my answer has been correct, but I can't get back to the question to report the problem. Could you make a link from the "discussion" page to the "report a problem" page? Thanks.


    My suggestions: - Let users save questions for future reviewing - Stop time after having answered in Timed Practice or allow users to review their mistakes after the timed practice is over. - Add time based on the length of the answer (how many characters)


    Make it an OPTION to require users to type the correct answer after an incorrect answer. Currently, the last thing you do in a failed lesson is the wrong thing. That does not promote proper learning.


    I don't know whether anyone else has said this already, but I think that we should be able to pause a lesson, and if we have to leave in the middle of a lesson, we don't have to start over. (This would also affect refreshing, like if the computer freezes.)


    It would be good because sometimes the Duolingo start giving 500 or my connection is out for a few seconds, then the UI was disabled and I have to refresh the page and start over. But I would like to be able to restart a lesson too without having to run out of hearts.


    To help prevent getting a wrong answer by accidentally hitting "Enter": How about making a balloon pop up that says "Are you sure?" (or something appropriate) if the answer block has significantly fewer characters than the shortest answer? I've hit enter quite a few times when I didn't mean to when I wasn't close to finishing the question. Someone else mentioned that it would help especially with phones. Thanks kindly.



    The other scenario where it would help is when we're using the International Keyboard so we can type accented letters. To type say á, I type quote (') then 'a'. The quote key is right next to the Enter key.


    Provide a way to report an immersion article. For example, I don't think we should be translating articles back into their original language. I now avoid wikipedia translations because they are often a translation back into English from a Spanish translation.


    Make the "report abuse" link in Immersion go to a dialog where we can say why we are reporting the user, similar to the "report error" in the lessons.

    A couple of suggestions for options that we could select:

    1. Put the original sentence without translating
    2. Put the Google Translate translation


    A sane timeout for speech recognition. Sometimes it just sits there indefinitely without accepting or rejecting the answer. After some timeout period (perhaps thirty seconds) it could retry or fail over to a different question. When this happens, I have no choice but to disable the microphone, yet I have no problem using speech recognition in the next lesson, only minutes later, so I think a short timeout with retry would fix things up nicely. If not, disable microphone input only for the duration of the current quiz. This would save me the trouble of waiting... and waiting... and finally turning off microphone input, only to re-enable it at the end of the lesson.


    In the mobile interface,after passing a lesson, DL shows the words strengthened. I would love to be able to touch each word and have DL speak the word for me. That would reinforce the new words I just learned in that level.


    Hello Karin, keep us informed of the outcome of this hackathon ;) Thanks !


    You should add some tool for MARKING DIFFICULT WORDS ourselfs so that they could appear more frequently until we finally learn them. If could happen with a button "Difficult word" during the lessons. I suggest it because it had happened to me many times that I find some very difficult new word and from the moment I see it I think "Oh, damn! Such a difficult word I'll never remember it!" and the word doesn't appear again in the lesson (or it appear just once) so I don't really learn it... If these words go to a "Difficult words" list practising them would be much more easier! Or at least they could appear in the "word strenght" system like "Overdue" - that would improve the "word strenght" algorithms a lot!


    Being able to upload audio submissions and get the reviews on your pronunciation etc would be a very big motivator for many people


    is it possible to print the vocabular list ( english and french)?


    I agree with adding color so we know which gender is which its an awesome idea . Who came up with it id like to know.


    I want a private "my favorite discussions" tab. I keep losing the things I need to reference. For instance, there is a very handy discussion on translation etiquette, tips, etc out there that I couldn't locate today when needed. ^_^


    A low-tech solution is to keep them in a bookmark/favorites folder. I have a "DL" folder on my bookmarks toolbar and I just drag interesting discussions into it. I started doing that when I found that the search in Discussions is not very useful.


    I find you a little hard with the search-engine. ;)
    If you remember some words of the discussion it's quite efficient with the use of guillemets ("") and the only useful logical connective here (AND --- with capital letters).


    Hi Karint. Along with the Flirting, Idioms and Christmas bonuses, I would really like to see a bonus in Frech and Spanish just for reiterating To Be, To Have and To Go. I think having a set of lessons just dedicated to practicing those verbs would really help me. They really are the foundation verbs and the more I hear them the better off I am. I would like to concentrate on them. Thanks.


    There are many links to resources outside Duolingo proper in the discussion and in the comments under each lesson. Something to consolidate all those links into a single list. Alphabetize and yank out the duplicates. I assume links have special hooks that can be used to gather them all in a pile. Publish the list.


    You could put when you last practiced


    Peeragogy that is all...


    Enable discussions for each exercise in the app. I love the app, but I would love to get feedback from other users as well. That would make the app a 5 star product for me!


    You could make it so that using my "back" button on my mouse goes back to my Stream tab if I clicked on a discussion in Stream rather than the Language tab. Using latest version Chrome by the way.


    Perhaps speech recognition on the Android version, sorry if it already exists but my phone isn't very good (HTC Salsa) so might not have the most updated version.


    I'd really like a page that I can go to that has all the tips and tables from the lessons I've done in one easy to find place (rather than referring back to each individual lesson). I often like to go back and check on word endings or cases.

    I also really like the suggestion of being able to alter the types of questions you get. I find it much harder to go from English to German, rather than German to English so would like to work on that more.


    I would suggest you to put, when we have to guess a word from a couple of images, instead of a box that goes down, a way to mark using numbes, this way we wouldn't have to use the mouse. Thanks


    In that exercise you can start to type the word with an article in the text box. As soon as you hit space after the article, duolingo recognizes it and puts it in that dropdown menu with articles.So that way there is no need to use the mouse.


    Thanks a lot, I'd never tried that! :D


    Well that's certainly something that should be cleared up somewhere.


    I suggest having a possibility that somebody uses the website to learn a couple of languages (such as "I want to learn French and Italian") and then users would get alerts if they do not go through lessons of both (or all) languages every day. I hope, that it's clear enough.


    I think you should add spelling tests because some times I'm in a rush and forget accents and so i think a spelling test.


    The reason I refused to use the microphone function to help me learn is because we have to agree to activate the webcam too, which I really don't want to do. So it might be better if you could provide options to use either/or and both.


    I don't think we actually have control over this, but I can assure you we don't use or want to use user webcams.


    Just put a little cover or some electrical tape over it!


    I'm not sure, but I think this might just be a limitation of Flash rather than anything Duolingo has control over.


    Oh also! It would be great if we didn't have pre-made word plates when translating in the app, as it doesn't help with spelling. Is there any way that we could always type it in ourselves please?


    Oh also! It would be great if we didn't have pre-made word plates when translating in the app, as it doesn't help with spelling. Is there any way that we could always type it in ourselves please?


    I'd love to have a list of conjugated verbs to practice off of in the long run so that I could better memorize them


    You think this is what you want now, but if it actually happened... seriously, that sort of thing is just poison to beginners, it is too much overwhelming information. I would rather people decide when they are ready to understand this topic themselves at their own pace than force it upon everyone from the outset and send them running away screaming...

    in the meantime, I invite you to use http://www.conjugation-fr.com/

    I swear on my grandmothers grave, the thing that makes people so enthusiastic about duo lingo right now is that it is non-threatening. Lists like this: http://www.conjugation-fr.com/conjugate.php?verb=mange&x=-831&y=-294 are of zero use to anyone that doesn't already have a grounding in what is going on, I don't care how 'traditional' they are. It's almost like saying 'ahaha, you will never even know how to use this one simple word, give up and go home now!'

    Of course everyone will eventually learn to use the proper word form in the course of their study, but it wont be thanks to that sort of tedious, pedantic list, you just get to grips with it, you know? The distinctions are obvious when you are listening for them, you get a much stronger understanding of it when you work it out for yourself.


    When I "peek", could I get the gender of the noun? That would help me.


    I wish peeking told you the gender too!!


    I'd like different kinds of questions that help me practice listening. Transcribing a sentence without being shown the text would be great, and I've seen it requested here a few times.

    In immersion I'd like to be able to translate independently of everyone except for a small group.

    When I've tried it before it feels like all the interesting translation work has already been done, yet the resulting translation reads poorly in English. There are lots of variations, all improving different things, and it feels like my own contributions are just lost in the noise. There are just too many people involved to really collaborate, so I always switch off the notifications and never return to an article.

    If the system created groups around articles, with appropriate levels, and the discussion aspect was improved, I would use it a lot more. The same article could be worked on by multiple independent groups, and the translations could be opened up to all users for verification once it's been on the site long enough.


    I agree with your suggestions for the articles in Immersion, it would be great if there was a way to discuss and collaborate.

    I am confused by your first suggestion - in my lessons and practice session, I always have plenty of sentences to transcribe from audio. Are you suggesting an option to select only audio translations?


    Oops, you're right. I was thinking of the translation questions where they read the sentence but display it as well. With these I tend to pay more attention to the written sentence than the audio.


    An easy one: speech recognition should automatically give you credit after you try a certain number of tries, say thirty. Since the speech recognition isn't very good in the first place, after thirty failed attempts you can be pretty sure that the problem isn't the user's pronunciation. (If a user really can't pronounce anything correctly and is crazy enough to repeatedly hit this limit in order to make progress, then who really cares? Let them.)


    A useful little change could be the ability to print or export a set of words with relative translation from the vocabulary in order to create post it or reminders for "offline learning"


    Color coded words to memorise gender as it isnt always obvious when learning plurals.


    How about keyboard support for the special characters?


    What do you mean? I think it's an user's side issue. See here for partial solution : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/781395 (search for "How can I easily type accents and other diacritic marks in Windows/OS X/Linux?")


    Like the ability to highlight the character with your arrow keys, then just press enter to input it.


    The option to download a course for offline use.


    When I'm doing a vocabulary question -- that is, the ones that have three photos and it asks you to choose the right one -- it seems like after I choose and click "check", I cannot go back and hover over the word to listen to the audio pronunciation.

    It's a minor thing, but it would be nice to be able to re-listen to it! Sometimes i click "check" too fast and do not get to hear the whole word.


    If you will just put the article and/or gender in the VOCABULARY review lists, that would be enough for me. If you can do it within the allowed : chat, le, noun, f.


    Karin, babe, how come you are not listed as an expert?


    Staff didn't used to all have the blue circles. After we all did, no one had the incentive to remove the "Experts" section on the Duolingo forum, though it's largely irrelevant now.


    I don't really think that there is anything that doulingo needs, I have learnt a ton in the few classes that I have done.


    It would really be nice if there were somewhere to write personal notes, preferable in each lesson.


    Please make the Vocabulary section remember my preference that I prefer to have the weakest words appear at the top of the list.


    I think that to encourage people to comment more on discussions about the problems people face when doing their lessons the people who comment should receive a lingot. Although there is generally a good response to discussions sometimes it can take a long time. Obviously lingots should not be handed out to any who comments but maybe the person who posted the discussion can decide the helpful comments whose authors deserve lingots for helping I think that to encourage people to comment more on discussions about the problems people face when doing their lessons the people who comment should receive a lingot. Although there is generally a good response to discussions sometimes it can take a long time. Obviously lingots should not be handed out to any who comments but maybe the person who posted the discussion can decide the helpful comments whose authors deserve lingots for helping :)


    I have two more suggestions.

    1) Improve the loading time of discussions pages like this. Now that this page has 377 comments, it takes about 20 seconds to load for me, and I have a very fast internet connection!

    2) Eliminate the disparity of how enter/return functions when writing a comment and when viewing a posted comment. When writing a comment, enter (once) goes to the next line. Once the comment is posted, though, this line break appears as a meager space! You have to press enter twice to go to the next line. This causes much undue frustration and turns organized information into a total mess. Just look around in this discussion, and you'll see many comments in which you can tell that the author wanted the text to go to the next line but failed to make it do so.

    To exemplify the issue: after this sentence, I'm gonna press enter once. Ok, I pressed enter once. Now I'm gonna press enter twice.

    Ok, I pressed enter twice.


    It's a mess because people don't review their post once they pressed "Post reply" (and/or don't ask help if they don't find how it works, which has been explain several times -- look for *formatting" in the search engine)...

    instead of 'double entry" (which goes to the next line but with a space with the last one) you also can put 'double space+entry'.

    first line, at the end of which I'll press two time the spacebar then the entry button
    second line

    first line, then double entry

    second line


    I like that behaviour, it seems more natural for web. However we do need a little "?" button with formatting help, and better yet: a preview tab. Github and StackOverflow are great examples to copy.


    I don't agree that it's natural to have line breaks appear different in the final post than in the comment entry window.

    A preview tab would be very good. And a button with formatting help would be good. I don't think it should be a "?" button though. There's lots of room for a "Help with Formatting" button (at least in the desktop interface).


    I didn't mean it is intuitive, but it maps more closely to what will be shown since web relies on paragraphs instead of new lines. I think the lack of intuition could be solved with the preview tab. I like your suggestion too, but it is worth A/B testing it since Duolingo loves to do that anyway.


    I think we need more images at exercises. And maybe an exercise that we've got images and words, and we have to link them.


    At the end of a practice, provide word translations option for "You strengthened X words!" page.


    One of the more irritating things is having to take my hands off of the keyboard to grab the mouse to hit special characters. Is it possible to have a hot key for some of the special keys? For instance Ctrl+1= á, Ctrl+2=é, Ctrl+3=í, etc.


    A notepad section where we can keep reminders.


    On the "Translation" pane in Immersion, change the name of the "Show more" button to "Show translation history".

    Just now I was writing up a suggestion to add a button to show the translation history, and I went to Immersion so I could describe the current dialog that has "Submit, cancel, ..." and I couldn't remember the other one because I'd never clicked it. I just clicked it and ... hurray ... it has exactly what I was going to ask for!


    What day is the Hackathon?


    I know that I'm probably late, but there is a thing that really annoys me. When I accidentally close the tab with duolingo while doing a lesson (say, accidentally press Ctrl+w trying to tape W; or Ctrl+click trying to open another duolingo tab with vocabulary or notifications - it never opens in new tab), I loose the results entirely and have to start from the beginning again. If I somehow could go back to lesson and find it half-done, it would be great.


    Would you be able to make the conjugations of all tenses available on all the verbs when one "peeks?" That would be really helpful.


    Enable to use in immersion part (chapter for example with the #part) of wikipedia articles =< all the featured articles (the one which are really good, so really good to translate) are too long for uploaded them into immersion. But if you enable to choose a part of the text like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whaam!#Description we could tranlate them !!

    Sorry if the suggestion to choose some part of a text in discussion as been posted, I can't find out (but i'm not really good at guessing which word people use in english (it will change with duolingo ^^)


    When posting a sentence in translation, I cannot go back and add word or two. We need some editing capability there.


    Not sure if this has already been said but, -Show all or most common translations or a sentence. I'm sure it used to come up with something saying other correct solutions -A way to promote accuracy in times practice I find myself purposely not including accents just because it takes a lot longer to find the accents.


    I wish I new about this earlier


    I think you there should be a "suggest learners" see: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1111036


    There are many links to resources outside Duolingo proper in the discussion and in the comments under each lesson. Something to consolidate all those links into a single list. Alphabetize and yank out the duplicates. I assume links have special hooks that can be used to gather them all in a pile. Publish the list.


    I want a way to search forum for my own posts. Search for username?

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