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Tips and notes summary

I wondered if there is anyone who made a PDF of all the "Tips and notes" sections of the course. I'd find it handy to print out and read it through (in case of doubt) rather than to have to scroll through all the sections.

Thank you, Nicolas

March 25, 2015



I created a wiki to collect tips and notes which is accessible via mobile: http://duonotes.wikia.com/

[deactivated user]

    thanks guy, the tips area in pottuguese-german couse is very bad, you helped me so much


    I'm writing all the tips and notes down, but in an actual notebook and not (yet) in a file on my computer. I find that that works better for me. If I ever feel up to it I might put it all in a digital document and then I'm happy to share of course, but for now I'm still focussing on finishing the tree. Which is going to take a while, so don't expect anything to come your way anytime soon ;)

    By the way, I just remembered a link that was posted a while back. Basically a PDF version of the Swedish grammar bible: http://www.readersstuffz.com/downloads/ebooks/Language%20Books/Swedish/Swedish%20-%20Essential%20Grammar.pdf It's quite a big book though, but maybe it's usefull for you.

    Good luck :)


    Thank you! I didn't have that one either. Actually, it is on the first link I gave for Swedish, but way down, probably added after I last looked at it.


    Thank you! The book might be of some help :)


    By the way I'm also dutch-speaking and going to Sweden for a year next year :)


    Oh nice! Where are you going? :)

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