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French Audio Practice

It would really help me to be able to listen to spoken French. I am a level 7, so I am looking for something easy and well pronounced. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

5 years ago



Hi, I teach French to foreigners and these are two websites I regularly use with my students (I'll post more if I can think of others !)

This is a good place to start : http://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com/ It's a podcast, some of them are lessons on grammar, verbs or phonetics, and the others are everyday situations. The website is well organized, it's all well pronounced and you will find a transcript of every podcast if it's still too hard for you.

I also recommend the TV5 Monde show "7 jours sur la planète" : http://www.tv5.org/TV5Site/7-jours/ Every week they post three extracts from french TV news shows, and provide exercises so you can test your understanding. Since you are at a level 7 on duolingo, I would recommend that you start by doing the "A2/élémentaire" level. Just click on the "exercices en ligne" button to start.

Hope this can help you ! (also, as your name is Mihaela, are you romanian by any chance ? I am looking for a romanian speaker to practise with !)

5 years ago


I looked at both websites and they are exactly what I was hoping to find. Thank you! Yes, I am Romanian, but I have been living in the US since 1988. I would be happy to help you practice. What kind of practice are you looking for? And how have you decided to learn Romanian?

5 years ago


I love www.verbling.com. It's a site where native speakers teach one hour lessons using a group video chat. The teachers are very good - Verbling hires them and they have to have qualifications.You do have to pay money to participate - $3 for a single lesson, $19 for 10 lessons in a month, or $45 for unlimited lessons for a month. However, you can watch any lesson without participating for free. Although I haven't been brave enough to participate yet, I've watched many lessons. I prefer to watch the lessons that are recorded because they are commercial free (you get interrupted from time to time with commercials if you're watching live, so then you miss portions of the lesson).

It may seem intimidating at first (I understood nothing when I first watched) because it seems that every student already knows French very well, even in the "beginner" classes. However, I have also seen absolute beginners that don't even know "Bonjour" participate. The teachers are patient and speak/type in English so they understand. The classes really depend on who's participating, so you may have to switch videos if you select a class where the students in that lesson are above your level. Watching for free also gives you the chance to find out which teachers you prefer. My personal favorite teachers for French are Maxime and Anais.

Many dvds also include the French language track that you can watch. I personally enjoy watching Disney movies in French. I already know the stories well enough that I already vaguely know what they're saying, which makes it easier to pick out words and get a feel for the language.

5 years ago