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"Ma lui parla di un'altra epoca."

Translation:But he speaks of another age.

March 25, 2015



The voice says "AHpoca" instead of EHpoca.


The slow one does. The normal speed sounds correct.


Sounded like AVOCA to me, but certainly not EPOCA


I listened three times and against my better judgment put 'apoca' not epoca which made more sense but the sound clearly was a not e. Needs correcting


But he speaks of another time should be accepted


Last sentence "un altro" required a space (instead of apostrophe) and here "un'altra" is given with the opposite. When should we use apostrophe and when should we use a space?


PolishBagel is correct. The masculine "another" is un altro. The feminine would be una altra, but a contraction is required, making it un'altra.

Timor mortis conturbat me.


I believe that it refers to gender; 'un altro' is masculine, while 'un'altra' is feminine. I could be wrong, though.


Two year old comments on this page say the voice reads "AHpoca" and not "EHpoca". It still does.


Only lets me type age when epoch should work


Is "epoca" masculine or feminine. Ending with an "a" one would think it is feminine, but when I put "una" I was told to pay attention to the gender. I put una altra, and realise it should have an apostrophe, but that is nothing to do with gender.


I'm sure you know by now, but DL doesn't quite get that error message right when you miss a required contraction. It does the same thing with l' vs. la/lo.


Un'altra in vece di: Un altra?? Adesso non è chiaro


Why can't I say spoke instead of speaks? Nearly had a perfect day on Duo. Anyone what's the Italian for spoke then?


He spoke = Lui ha parlato. 2020-04-20


I must have listened to both slow and fast fifyeen times in total. Finally got the end right, pressed GO and had something different wrong. I do not think either version is clear. Normally when I have problem and listen again I hear it. Getting the end right was a fluke here.

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