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  5. "The scale weighs one kilo."

"The scale weighs one kilo."

Translation:Vågen väger ett kilo.

March 25, 2015



For a lot of English speakers, we would say "scales" rather than "scale" to refer to a weighing apparatus. I accept that both forms are used in English, but when I see a sentence like this, I think of a scale of a fish! (And that certainly would weigh something, but surely nothing like a kilo!)


Should skalan not also be counted?


skala means "scale" in the sense of "on a scale from one to ten", or "the map is in scale 1:10", or a sequence of notes arranged by frequency. Though you're not technically wrong, it seems unlikely that they would carry weight very often.


Is vågen also used for libra (zodiac sign)? Some languages do that


Seems like Vågen (capital V!) really means libra.


I would never use the scale in the sense of vägen in English, always in the plural, I had to assume it was some sort of fossil lizard/ fish scale ...what would you use in Swedish for that ?

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