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  5. "Kediler kalede süt içer."

"Kediler kalede süt içer."

Translation:The cats drink milk in the castle.

March 25, 2015



Can this also mean "the cats in the castle drink milk"? (Or is there another way to say that?)


"Kaledeki kediler süt içer." kalede-ki means, adjectivally, the one that is in the castle. The "ki" is the same one that shows up in Indo-european languages as things like que and qui.


Interesting! ..How It's In the rest of the indo-european languages.


Ah, I get it -- excellent!



Why is "the cats at the castle drink milk" wrong?


It's the same as the one I asked about above ("the cats in the castle drink milk"). When we say "the cats drink milk at the castle," the castle is just the place where the milk drinking is happening (which is what the Turkish sentence is saying, here). When we say "the cats at the castle drink milk," we're using the "at the castle" to describe the cats (we're talking about the castle cats, and not some other cats =) ). To do that in Turkish, you need something like "kalediki kediler."


I can't really distinguish the sounds of "lar" and "ler", is there really a difference?

Is our Turkish Robogirl doing it right?


She is actually not too bad at this. "ler" almost sounds like the word "lair" in English. "lar" is rhymes with "car" :)

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