"Ben kitap okurum."

Translation:I read books.

March 25, 2015

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why "i read book" is wrong? i thought that books it's kitaplar.


It's incorrect English. General activities with no specific object usually put the direct object in the plural. (I paint walls, I seduce men, I cook bagels, I collect doilies, etc.)


Ok, but for many people there English is not their first language. I think there should be more tolerance for errors in English.


that's not possible, in general not a good idea but especially because some of these sentences are shared with the reverse course; for people who are trying to learn English.


That'd hinder the learning process, which is the point of the course.


For me more hindering is the frustration, when you work with a really hard lesson and you loose points because you have missed "the" or added "the" in the wrong place.

I know that it's hard for English natives to believe, but there are some people in the world that use other languages which don't have articles and for them fully understanding the difference between "the" and "a/an" is next to impossible.


Well, I had the same problem in the late stages of my Portuguese course (German native speaker here). Especially in cases when a grammatical concept does not really exist in English or German or both.

Sometimes I understood a portuguese sentence well, but how would I say that in really correct English without mixing up things like "if I had" with "if I were having" and so on.

Just think of it as a possibility to improve your English.


Did you really have to add 'i seduce men'


I,m confused. Kitap=book and kitablar=books but here say kitap = books.


Books (Kitaplar) Book (kitap) Why we use the plural ?


So i read a book means ben bir kitap okurum ?


Evet. You can see this explanation here for more information: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Accusative

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    I have a Turkish language book that begins with the verb form "-yor" ("okuyorum" instead of "okurum"). It will probably come up later, but can someone briefly explain the difference? Is it something like the difference between the present continuous and the simple present in English?


    Yes, it's so.

    I'm reading - Ben okuyorum

    I read - Ben okurum


    -yorum is the "Present Continuous Simple Tense" (singular, first person) -rum is the "Simple (Aorist) Tense" (singular, first person)

    this might clear things up:

    http://bit.ly/1GS3drx (link goes to: http://www.verbix.com/webverbix/go.php?D1=31[ampersand]T1=okumak which gets cut up here)


    Kitap is not plural. Why translating books?


    why isn't this in the accusative form?

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      The accusative marks a specific direct object (i.e. "the book"), but this sentence is a general statement about reading "books".


      Please explain the words: Book Books The book The books


      I still don't recognize the difference between the book and a book


      MeynaAyman, "the book"= a specific, definite book as in "iread the book i bought yesterday". "A book" is unspecific, indefinite book= any book.


      So unless it has the ending which means "the" it could either mean a book or books (plural)? How do you know which way to translate it?


      Is "Ben kitabı okurum." wrong?


      I think when one word doesn't become accusative is because it's in plural. E.g.: "Ben kitapı okurum" is "I read the book."; "Ben kitap okurum" is "I read books". (Brazilian Portuguese native speaker here)


      hello Gabriel, i know a little more now. The accusative case is used when the noun, direct definite object, singular and plural : "the book or the books". "Ben kitabi okurum", "i read the book" and "ben kitaplari okurum": "i read the books". You have the singular suffix "i" (pointless i) or the plural suffix: "kitap-lar (plural suffix)-i (pointless i) (acusative case suffix. In case of indéfinite object, no singular or plural suffix: "kitap"= "a book or books". Is-it more clear?


      Kitap means what book or books?


      Hello Shrutisable! Kitap means "a book" or "books", because indefinite direct objects, singular or plural. No suffix, always the singular form. Read what i wrote to Gabriel above.


      Ben kitap okurum İ read book değil mi? Books kitaplar oluyor. Ben kitaplar okurum olur i read books 'un çevirisi. Biri nerede yanlış yaptığımı açıklarsa ona çok müteşekkir olurum. :( :/


      Ne diyonuz amk hic bi book anlamadim


      This question has two answers, some geramer in english doesn't work in Turkish


      We can say i read the book and it's correct, is it right?


      MonaRafiee, in the Turkish sentence here we have "kitap", indefinite direct object of the verb "okurum". Therefore you cannot translate "kitap okurum" by "i red the book" but "i read books or a book". Did you read accusative TIPS? You have clear explanation in it.


      I think: It is false


      Why for 'kitap' we say books?i think it should be book not books.


      Rozishko, i answer your question in my comments above. It would be nice you to take time to read them before asking, because several people asked the same question as yours. Thanks.

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