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"Mangiamo una torta al limone."

Translation:We eat a lemon cake.

September 2, 2013



Is it me or she says "Mangiamo LA torta al limone"? I wrote that and they said it's incorrect and the correct answer is "Mangiamo UNA torta al limone". Does anyone have the same problem?


I agree, it sounds like "la torta"


I have listened to it countless times. I eventually went for the 'tortoise ' version, which clearly says 'una' and was marked correct. So I listened again and again to the full speed version, and she definitely says 'la' How many people have lost a life on this, I wonder?


Yup, same here...


Yep!! I lost my heart to that 'torta' !!!!!


Yes, I pretty clearly heard "la torta." In the slow version she is clearly saying "una torta," but it's not just a slowed-down version of the regular one - they are pretty clearly different to me.


Yes! I heard la torta also! And I speak spanish so I know the diference between la torta and una torta sound


They must have fixed it. Okay now, 2014 March 29th


Not for me. Fast one is clearly la, slow is una


2014, April 18th You are right the fast one says "la torta". We should all report it, but keep in mind that the recordings are a lot harder to fix. So it may take a long time for them to fix. I must have double checked on the slow recording as I often do and I went with that.


The full speed says 'La' and the tortoise says 'Una.' Everyone agrees with this, on this post, BUT The Report button doesn't seem to work, on this lesson (sentence) so we have no clue as to whether DL have seen this. I try not to use the tortoise these days, as I can usually work things out, But this is impossible. I do lots of re-practice, and have to remember, that this phrase is just horrible. I write una, to get through, as I've been marked wrong so many times, but I guess in a perverse way, it makes you remember things, even better, when presented with a mistake! :)


I agree, the answer was wrong and I was right. It has to be Mangiamo LA torta Al limone !!!!


Yes I agree. The fast version sounds like "la", the slo is definitely "una". There is an error here.


It's four years later and they still haven't changed the vocalization. You get what you pay for.


Yep, the fast version is La torta and the slow one is una torta. =/


My boyfriend is italian and he said she says la.


Ya..it sounds like la torta in the fast mode to me as well.


definitely sounds like LA torta not una.


Duolingo, please fix the sound... it's driving me crazy!!!


Please report mistakes. Whinging here does no good. Go to 'Report a Problem' and maybe it'll get fixed. Yes, It's driving me crazy too. " Stop the clutter! Please do not report mistakes here and read the comments below and/or above before posting." This is what you see when you come to the comment page. There's a reason.


The 'Report Button' is not working on this sentence!!! That's why we are getting clutter!


You're making me hungry, Duolingo


Ugh... I could go for some lemon cake right now! I'm starving!!


It should definately let you translate it as 'We eat a lemon tart' Lemon tarts are far more common than lemon cakes


Apparently desserts are classified differently. Torta can be cake, pie, tart.


Thanks! The test insisted that the translation is lemon cake, but I assumed I could also translate the phrase as "We eat a lemon tart"


I translated it as "lemon tart" as well since the meaning of torta is given as cake, pie or tart...but I lost a heart for my translation!


try to listen to low speed, it helps. seems it's a common problem for everybody.


Apparently are diferente sounds, maybe by mistake


To be honest the main thing about a language is communication, so small silly mistakes like this should not be a problem as long as the general meaning is clear.


Robbed! She definitely said la torta


I wrote the correct answer(word for word) but it still marked it wrong


Yes i hear la torta normal speed and le torta at slow speed


Sounds like LA and not UNA


If You play It slow It says una, If You play It "normal" It says la


There normal speed says "la", the slow speed says "una". That's how I heard it. I played the slow version first and got it right. If I'l\d used the normal speed I would have got it wrong. Does anyone else hear it that way?


The cake option didn't appear


If you have trouble with these types of problems then click the sound button


Could this not alsobe understood as a suggestion - let us eat...


Did anyone else have trouble hearing the verb as "mangiamo" (first person plural)? All I heard was "mangia" (third person singular). Maybe I should use the "slow version" option.


the system isn't working. I click but my answer doesn't register or at times some of the words are missing. Words on the left of the screen in particular do not register

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