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Not working offline (iPad)

I first downloaded Duolingo on my iPad about 2 months ago and got absolutely addicted to it, however there seemed to be an automatic update as some weeks ago I was logged out and once I logged in there were new types of exercises: "tap the pairs" and "choose the correct translation", and the italian special characters above the keyboard were gone.

However, something else was gone too: suddenly could not do anything offline! I deleted and reinstalled the app, and also tried to open many exercises while online to load the contents, but nothing works: I cannot use Duolingo offline.

This was crucial for me as I was using Duolingo during my daily hour of commute. Now, the most I can do is load an exercise, do it once I'm on the metro and switch to something else afterwards.

I used to have all the exercises on my iPad. What happened? Please help me!!

March 25, 2015

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Hi, I'm also on iPad and am having problems with the Italian course.

I can complete the lesson offline, but when I get back online my lessons are lost and I have to redo them. Any help appreciated!

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