"We often play with each other."

Translation:Vi spelar ofta med varandra.

March 25, 2015

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Why can't I use tillsammans instead of med varandra?


Slightly confused. I thought leker was for children's play and spelar for sporting or musical instrument play.

Is this the sentence you'd use if your were referring to your tennis partner? Do you only use spela if the object is a sport or musical instrument?


Yeah, I interpret this as a jam session or so, it could also be a tennis game. If you use leka I would interpret it as two 8 year olds hanging out, or a sexual game if it’s two adults.


Thanks very much. I only realised after asking the question that the option with spela probably wasn't accepted as valid because it was presented in infinitive form, not spelar. It's nice to confirm it though!


Wow... They're two quite different meanings.


Although "sexlek" (sex play) exists as a word in swedish the term "leka" alone is not used in this way in common language. If someone were to use it in reference to sex i would say it'd sound really weird and/or perverse.

(The term "kärlek" also includes the ending "lek" but translates to "love")

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