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  5. "Mayıs bir ay sonra."

"Mayıs bir ay sonra."

Translation:May is a month later.

March 25, 2015



My worry is with the English translation. Normally "in a month" means "a month later" or "in a month's time" but as "May" is a month, "May is one month later", like the Turkish, would be clearer.


"a month later" "one month away" and "a month away" are already accepted as translations :)


Those are fine, but "May is in a month" should not be the preferred translation. It is unnatural. If I heard a non-native English speaker say "May is in a month", I would try to suggest alternatives to obtain the intended meaning. This point has more relevance for those learning English.


I say this all the time and I am a native speaker. It might be something that people just have variance on in English. I will ask the other native speaker on our team about this. :) (Also, if it were April 1st, it is definitely a perfectly good sentence for everyone, right?)


As a Brit I would generally say "May starts in a month." on April 1st. Or "July starts in a month" if I was trying to fool a small child!


I don't find "May is in a month" all that unnatural either, not in colloquially spoken English anyway. If I were writing something formal, I'd probably use other choices of words, but in everyday speech, I think many would find it acceptable.

This discussion made me curious about whether or not "in a month" was used more frequently than "a month away," so I decided to check it out on Google Ngram and was actually surprised to see the following:

I then did the same search of Google pages and found that "in a month" was more frequently used than "a month away" there, too, and by even wider margins than what you see in the Ngram viewer.

It is really interesting to compare the language you use and how those in your immediate circle use it with what is seen via Google finds. Sometimes what you previously thought wasn't all that common is more common than you had thought and vice versa.


I'm Ukrainian and "a month away" was weird to me, I always use "in a month". And I often hear my friends from other country say "after one month" .


The closest translation seems to be "one month hence". I've been substituting that every time I see a sentence like this and it's been working.


why it can't be.. "May is the next month" ?


That would be "Mayıs gelecek/sonraki ay" :)


I think may is in a month is mayıs bir ay içinde may is after one month mayıs bir ay sonra

am I wrong


You are thinking of Turkish phrasing and translating word by word but I'm afraid it doesn't work correctly in that way. It makes it sound very Turkish but only with English words. :)

The way to say "bir ay sonra" is done by using "in a month". For example "doktor randevum bir ay sonra" is "my doctor's appointment is in a month". Using after makes it sound as if you're saying "mayıs bir aydan sonra" which is confusing and wrong.

Does this help?


Can you tell me how I could further clarify? Wouldn't want to leave you confused. :)


you explain perfectly no confuse thank you but ı must work on it


Then I'm glad to hear I could clarify. Feel free to ask questions at any point. :)


Why exactly is ""mayıs bir aydan sonra" confusing and wrong? And what does "içinde" exactly mean?


To say "something will happen a month later" in English, we don't say "after a month", but "in a month".


"Mayıs bir ay sonra." Translation: May is a month away.


May is a month later.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


Is "sonra" pronounced with the r or without? The audio says it with an r while turkophones have told me it's without.


It is definitely pronounced with the -r :)


Thank you for your reply. Also, is the r pronounced with a flick of the tongue like "bir" or is it more like the r in the English word "ran/run"?


How would one say "a month after May" please?

[deactivated user]

    Mayıs'tan bir ay sonra.


    Of course! Thanks Seth.


    'may will be in a month' should be correct too, or?


    This sounds like "Mayıs birayı sonra"


    why not bir ayDAN sonra ?




    why not bir ayDAN sonra ?

    Bir aydan sonra - Of one month later. - Wrong answer to Duo's Turkish question.

    "Mayıs bir ay sonra." Translation: May is a month away & May is a month later.

    Can you see the two different meanings?

    Kind regards.


    My wife who is Turkish and an English teacher says this sentence is wrong.




    Please can you be specific? Is my reply above to the learner wrong? Your Turkish wife must be able to explain if Duo's or my answer is wrong by giving an example here.

    She is "shoulder surfing" you while you are learning Turkish on Duo.

    Ask her to correspond here with me in Turkish/English please? Everyone will benefit from positive feedback.

    Thank you.

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