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XP goes to wrong course

Now I have 6 level in Turkish, but it's wrong. My real level was 4. Other languages' levels is wrong too. When I translate texts in Russian immersion XP goes to other English for X courses. I tried to remove them but they appeared again.

Is there something that I can do to fix it? Or I'll should forget about levels and just learn languages? (Especially English because I make so many mistakes in this long question and my sentences as long as in Leo Tolstoy's novels :)

March 25, 2015



Or I'll should forget about levels and just learn languages?

This is good advice to take :)

The Duolingo framework seems to be designed so that a user works on any one course only at any given point in time. So say, a user is working on the EN - ES and ES - DE courses. Day 1 they work on EN - ES. Day 2, to work on the ES - DE course, they should change course here and then start working on it. This will ensure XPs are awarded correctly. Opening 2 different tabs, one with ES - ES and ES - DE and working simultaneously may result in incorrect XPs.


Thank you! It solve problem with Turkish.

I have two English badges, but I don't do two English courses (only one - English from Russian).


This is a technical bug, and should be reported (please do so if you know how). Another problem is when one opens 2 different skills (same language), it seems to me that the XP go to different skill... I didn't test this enough but the tekkies should look at this as a potential bug

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