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Hebrew for English speakers!!!! !!!! 1111

Added to the Incubator Today!

תודה רבה, Duolingo!

March 25, 2015



I remember saying two months ago when Norwegian was added that I hoped one of the major blue&white languages would be next. A month ago we got Greek and now Hebrew! The only one missing is Finnish, so I'm hoping this one month trend continues.


Norwegians and Jewish people actually have a lot in common. A common love of salmon immediately comes to mind.


Hm, is it a bad idea to learn Norwegian if I dislike salmon? :P


Of course not! My boyfriend is Norwegian-American and hates seafood.


also, is it a bad idea to learn Hebrew if I dislike salmon?


You can learn Hebrew whatever your food choices are. I once had pork at a tapas bar in Tel Aviv.


No way! I wasn't able to find any pork anywhere in Israel! I had to eat a whole rack of ribs once I came back to the States, I missed pork so much!


Finding non-kosher food in cities with a religious majority (such as Bnei-Brak, Beit Shemesh and some parts of Jerusalem) is difficult, nay impossible. However, in other cities I reckon you'll have no problem finding non-kosher food.


pork is not kosher according to Judaism therefor most of the restaurants in Israel don't sell it


Yes!!!! I am so excited for Hebrew! Absolutely cannot wait!


Your username can finally be true :)


This is amazing! Turkish leaves and Hebrew enters!


Yay, finally! The reason I have been refreshing the Incubator page day after day for the last year! :) Here's to hoping for a joint Yiddish-Hebrew release!


I think I had a heart attack when I read this post's title


I had a heart attack for the simple reason that it came out of nowhere... Awesome choice though!


You know, it wasn't really out of nowhere--the Hebrew team and Israeli/Jewish/Hebrew enthusiast friends have been active for a very, VERY long time promoting the Hebrew language. Years even. Have you seen the weekly Hebrew Time posts? So I think that really it makes sense considering how much people have been advocating toward this, albeit on the DL.


I'm gonna go ahead and make the assumption that DL is short for Duolingo.


Actually, it's short for 'down-low' like 'keep it on the down-low'. If I'm being honest it was a bad choice of slang, because it's really only an LA-regional thing, and I'm from an hour from there and I only learned it when I spoke to my LA friends! But now it's become part of my speech. Either way, it means that it's a secret, or subtle, or not widely known.


"DL" has wormed its way into American military slang; so, within a generation, it might be heard everywhere English is spoken.


I've heard "DL" here, on the other side of the country


No.name.42, I can't speak for the other side of the country, but I can tell you that here on the west coast we didn't hear about it until we went to LA!


They said they were going to make it when they started Yiddish.


יאללה למה לא


You know luke51991, I'm starting to wonder how much time you spend on the Incubator page! You always seem to be the first to know when something arrives... :)


It's my homepage. Also, Duolingo is a good 45% of my life.


Yes! A Semitic language!


Yes it is, I'm Arabian and i used to learn some Hebrew's word on youtube, then i realize we are having a lot lot of resemblance.. Cause Arabic and Jewish are brothers.. Can't wait :)


It is good for Arabic and Hebrew speakers to learn each other's language


Shalom aleichem/As-salamu alaykum


Wow what does that mean?


literal translation "peace be upon you"


"May God keep you safe" I think.


what loolitay said ^


Exactly! I'm going to take Arabic in university (just in community college right now) because it's more widely spoken, but Hebrew would be cool to learn as well


Yes, and say hai to 14 pronoun :D


Male and Female and some dual pronouns right?


Didn't even realize it was the first Semitic language until now! Thanks for pointing that out!


I'm definitely going to give it a shot once it releases. Right now I've just been working on my Russian, Spanish, and delving into the new Turkish course to actually try a non Indo-European language


Yeah, I just noticed. I was hoping this would happen. DuoLingo just keeps on getting more and more awesome!

Still praying for the day they'll come with a Japanese course, though... :)


Japanese would mycket bra (very good)!


יש תקוה!!


Ohhhhhhh, finally!, I am so happy right now :D


This is perfect considering I won a Get Started in Modern Hebrew book the other week on Twitter and now it's in the Incubator xD


Esperanto, Yiddish and now Hebrew? We just need Ladino and all the major Jewish languages will be represented on duolingo (ok Esperanto isn't a Jewish language but it was created by a Polish Jew and was therefore banned or persecuted in many countries because of it). Also I don't see much need for Ladino yet, since it is mutually intelligible with Spanish, but it would still be cool in the future, or even a Spanish dialect add on for words, spelling and grammar that isn't the same as standard Spanish.


Fantastic news! Thank you to all at Duo for making this happen and good luck to Team Hebrew in their endeavours to create our Hebrew course!


I love you so much right now Duolingo



Just, you know, in case anyone was in any doubt ;)


With Yiddish and Hebrew both in the gates, I suppose that a Ben-Hur style chariot race is about to begin.


Wow, this is awesome!! :D Congrats to the contributors and good luck!


I'm so hyped for this.

Good luck to the contributors!


ישששש סוף סוף!


AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! One of the most unique (and difficult) languages out there! Definitely want to do this one.


Yes!!! This will make my Hebrew learning experience approximately eighty times simpler. I had to take a moment to remember to breathe after I saw this post. I will be dreaming about this course until it comes out.


Wonderful news! Thank you, Duo! :D


סוף סוף!


I wonder, since they are both starting at the same time, are both the Yiddish and Hebrew team going to work together a bit because both languages use the same Hebrew alphabet? Maybe brain storm on the best way to teach it to us? Sorry if I'm a bit ignorant about the script, I do know that Hebrew and Yiddish are sematic and Germanic languages but I had heard they use the same alphabet and figure they would have some of the same starting challenges.


Cool, love the look of that Hebrew script


תודה רבה לכל אתם


the right way to say it is: תודה רבה לכולכם


Yay for Hebrew. It is on my list of languages to learn! Yay!


Now it's really time for alef-bet (alphabet). Just curious why four ones are there in Title (!!!!1111).


The 11!!!1111s are there to express uncontrolled excitement. This stems from the phenomenon of people not being careful when they slam the "!" key.


So excited! I felt like such an idiot in Israel being completely unable to read signs and such, though almost everyone speaks English. It would be nice to return with the ability to communicate in the local language, even a little.


Yay I posted this on FB for people I know in case anyone can help! When will YIDDISH be coming...and maybe LADINO?


I can't wait for it to be released! :)


Wow, I can't wait until its finished! I have just added Hebrew to my list of languages to possibly study, so I'm excited :)


At last! I'm sure at the quickest it would be out by the summer, I just hope it doesn't get stuck in the incubator forever. That's my only wish.


Its already a bit above 1 percent, so I don't think it will get stuck(I'm looking at you Polish)


The best one yet. I hope Arabic follows.


Very nice! So when will judeo-venetian arrive:)? Never I presume.


If Veneto's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veneto political aspirations continue to grow, it might be a viable possibility at some time in the distant future.

In the meantime, since Ladino is considered closely related to Romansch (one of the four official languages of Switzerland) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhaeto-Romance_languages , that might be slightly more reachable goal to anticipate.

I wasn't able to find any reference to a significant body of native Judeo-Venetian literature, but I would be interested in hearing the famous "Hath not a Jew eyes?" soliloquy interpreted in the language Shylock would have spoken.

Edit: for those unfamiliar with that classic speech from English theatre, here it is performed by Robert DeNiro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th7euZ30wDE and here by Orson Welles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aH2a45plqQc


Here is a book about jude-venetian, "La parlata degli ebrei di Venezia e le parlate giudeo-italiane" (Umberto Fortis, 2006)

Concering 'ladino' it is easy to misinterpret, there do exist two different languages with that name, one is the one you mention, the romansch-related one, not at all related to jewish tongues, but the other one that is called 'ladino' is judeospanish / judeocastellano / sefardic, with origin of Spain and since the expulsion there spoken all around, especially in Anatolia, Nortwestern Africa, and the Balkans, but also in the Carribean and South America.


Yay! How long will it take to be available? I can't wait!


עברי הוא מדהים!! השפה של ישו.


חשבתי שזה היתה ארמית


כן גם אני חשבתי כך.


אכן, ישוע ידידינו דיבר ארמית...


חחח1999josh כדאי לך לחכות לקורס בארמית, אבל בכל מקרה עברית היא שפה יפהפיה

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