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Lomax Archive Irish trad recordings

Anyone who's ever listened to a folk or world music radio programme will eventually have heard some music recorded by the legendary archivist Alan Lomax. Now it seems that his entire 17,000 tune archive has been remastered, digitised and made freely available online. There are 13 pages of Irish traditional songs alone, with the iconic musician Seamus Ennis featuring heavily in the recordings, so plenty of aural Irish practice to be had here!


March 25, 2015



Ampersands aren’t parsed properly in the discussion software here; this shortened link might help.

Some of the recordings on those 13 pages are interviews, some are stories, and some are ambient sounds. One surprise was Irene, go dté tú slán — Lead Belly’s Goodnight, Irene translated into Irish, recorded a little over a year after his death.


If the link still doesn't work, just click "Location" and "Ireland" from here:



I actually like the second link better. There are folk recordings from all over the world. The "Culture" selection is also interesting. Personally, I liked to hear the different places, French and Spanish were spoken. I wish there was text, because I couldn't understand it. My lone disappointment was in the location, "Netherlands Antilles". I was hoping for Papiamento, but all the recordings were in English.

The "geo Archive" is also interesting. It provides a map view for searching and includes audio interviews and lectures.

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