"Love is like a pink cake."

Translation:Aşk pembe bir pasta gibidir.

March 25, 2015

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İs ''sevgi'' instead for Aşk possible to use here??


"sevgi" used for many different situations. Forexample you can use it for loving your son/daughter, mother/father, friends, relatives, etc. Its the general love. "Aşk" is hard to explain. It doesn't have a English transition. You can feel "aşk" about your god. (i recommend you to check turkish divan Literatur) you can have "aşk" against your lover, husband, wife. In this century, it mostly used for sexual interest. In old times, like in 12-13. Century, Yunus Emre and many others wrote about "aşk" to express how they loved their god.


So if you write sevgi instead, it wouldn't be the exact phrase. It would become more general.


Can we use benziyor? Aşk pembe bir pastaya benziyor.


Yes, we can use. It would be exactly same if you say, "aşk pembe bir pastaya benzer." but "benziyor" also correct, no problem.


Can you please explain the title of my favourite turkish "dizi" aski-i memnu. Why - i? It was translated like forbidden love. Which is not a good translation.


No, Forbidden Love is correct. Some of words in Turkish are coming from Arabic because of Ottoman Turkish. That's why there is an -i. (I'm a Turk)


Bu cümle tam ne demek?


Can you please explain gibidir? Or tell me where to go on the site to learn. Thanks


Gibi means similar to or -like, so this sentence translates to "Love is pink-cake-like.". Suffix -dir is for statements of fact or assertions, e.g. "A week has seven days."

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