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"Bu tip değişiklikler normaldir."

Translation:These types of changes are normal.

March 25, 2015



Why is the last word "normaldir" and not "normaldır?" Is it because 'normal' is a loan word?


Yes. Loan words are inconsistent, so you cannot count on which ones follow (partial) vowel harmony and which ones do not.


Just how it became "normaldir" instead of "normaldır" is an interesting question, but I see that this horse is long since out of the barn!


Isn't "This type of changes" correct English? It would be the literal translation if it was... "These types of changes" sounds a) like a different meaning, and b) not like it is used a lot in English


Unfortunately it is not, you can say "This type of change," or "These types of changes." :)


"This type of changes" sounds correct to me [native English speaker]. There might be only one type of change, but multiple changes.


:/ Not satisfied with that answer. Can I downvote you because the English language sux? ;)

As far as I am concerned that leaves less possibilities for variations in meaning...


To stipulate there is only ever one common type you can say "changes of this type are normal" hope that helps


Are you saying one cannot say, "I don't like this type of movies"? Is it also wrong to say, "I don't like this genre of movies"? Must I say, "I don't like these genres of movies" instead, even when I'm specifically talking about just one genre (say, slash-and-gore movies)?


As a native speaker of English, I was just trying out some of these variations (with "type" and "kind"), and I tend to agree with AlexinNotTurkey; singular seems to go with singular, and plural with plural:

these/those kinds/types of cars/movies/people
this/that kind/type of car/movie/person

"Genre" seems to be a little different, and also less generally applicable than "kind" or "type". You can certainly have singular-singular ("this genre of film/literature"). I would say that at least some cases of singular-plural work ("this genre of computer games"), as do plural-singular ("these genres of film"). So no, you don't need to say "these genres of movies"; "this genre of movies" is fine, though "this genre of film" (singular) sounds more typical. I think that "genre," being a "fancy" French word, tends to be used with words associated with "high culture."


Why is these translated as bu and not bunlar here?


You don't need to rewrite the -lAr for the whole descriptive phrase. [Bu tip değişiklik] = this type of change, [Bu tip değişiklik]-ler = these types of changes.


Surely kind and type are both correct here!!!


Can anyone breakdown the 'değişiklikler' for me? Please!


değişmek = to change (yourself/ intransitive)
değiştirmek = to change (something / transitive)
değişik = different (adjective)
değişiklik = (the) change
değişiklikler = changes

(to the best of my knowledge)


can anyone explain the "-lik" suffix?


it is used to transform adjectives into nouns, e.g.

hasta (sick, but also the patient) -> hastalık (disease)

mutlu (happy) -> mutluluk (happiness)


Ok, so it accepts "types" and "kind" but not "kinds". "These kind of changes are normal," sounds awkward to me--am I mistaken?


What is the difference between type and kind in this sentence ?


Tip is an adjective here. Am I correct?


Nope. It's actually the noun in this sentence. "These types (of changes) are normal." The "of changes" is a specification of the noun, both in English and Turkish.


Where is OF in the Turkish sentence? Should it be Bu tipin değişiklikleri !


There is no of, nor is it necessary... Not all languages use that. Also in German, e.g., you can just say "Diese Art (von) Veränderungen" with "von" being "of", and completely optional.

Your example of a genitive+possessive construction actually translates to "these type-changes" - you made "changes" a distinctive addition to "type". I am not sure if that word construct makes any sense in Turkish.

The bottom line is - certain descriptive qualifying nouns preceding a subject or object do not require any special construct. This is a lot like "Bir bardak çay, lütfen." Or "Birçok araba."


Duolingo needs to be more flexible on these translations. Specially when the turkish sentence is so clear bu :this there us no way the student is going to guess it means these


As an adjective, bu means both "this" and "these."

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