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What kind of exercises do you need the most? I'm making a website and I need your help!


I'm Pottolini from Sweden and as the title suggests I'm making a small website filled with various exercise sheets and other helpful resources for learning Swedish.

I myself am studying Italian at the university, but I also love helping out others with the Swedish language. In my own Italian studies I have often found myself having trouble finding exercise books that I'm satisfied with. Sometimes the exercises simply don't feel worthwhile and other times the exercises might be great, but simply to short (e.g. 5 short problems and then moving on to another topic).

Since I'm now trying to come up with different exercises for Swedish, I thought "what better way to find out what kind of exercises are most sought after than to ask the Swedish learners using Duolingo?". I've been using Duolingo quite a bit myself and I've also been keeping an eye on the Swedish forum ever since it got released. Hopefully there will be some of you who are interested in this idea of mine and are willing to give me some input :)

So, what am I asking here? I would simply like to know: - What kind of exercises you would most like to see if you could choose freely? (e.g. "fill in the blanks", "translate entire sentences", "match words", etc.) - At which parts of Swedish do you need the most practice? (e.g. nouns, articles, specific verb tenses, etc. )

I will read all replies, so please just throw all your ideas at me, no matter how crazy! :)

(I hope no admins take this as me trying to steal users away from Duolingo. I'm simply trying to create some additional resources for all the Swedish learners out there :) )

Thank you for reading!

March 25, 2015



Translating sentences/paragraphs would be really nice since duolingo doesn't have that option yet! Also I found that that helped me a lot when I studied Spanish in school :) Edit: Or maybe being given a picture to write about would be good too


Yes! describing a picture, or writing a story about it would be nice


OK, so weird suggestion coming through :)

Personally, and I haven't found any site that uses this, I like reading a short passage and then summarizing what it's about. Like reading one short paragraph and asking myself what the gist of it is. Maybe you could use short articles in English and have the student write a summary in Swedish or vice versa? Hey, it's something different :)


I feel like translating short sentences and fill in the blanks are helpful. Especially if you could implement a related image to the sentence to help with recognization! :D I'm a visual learner though, so that's just me. Good luck!


memrise.com is pretty decent. I know for German someone made a program in there which covers all the vocabulary words used in duolingo, it's kind of useful to see the same thing from a different perspective. I'm not very knowledgeable with Swedish but I get hung up sometimes with proper conjugation in most other languages. Personally, I thrive off of repetition.


I think exercises like "describe this picture" or "make a summary about this paragraph" would be very useful and refreshing. But I can also imagine that things like "fill in the blanks", "translate this sentence" or "Make a plural noun out of this singular noun" can be useful.

But that's very personal. I can't learn words nor grammar from exercises like "fill in the blanks", that kind of stuff doesn't stick with me but can be nice to do from time to time. I do believe that using all the vocabulary and knowledge that you have in a more real life situation, like describing something, is more useful. But then again, everyone learns in his/her own way and this would personally help me.

It's a great idea though, and I really hope that you'll get the website up. I'll give you one of my lingots :)


I am really missing the pronunciation exercises that seem to be available in most big languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German; however, they are missing in Swedish and Danish. There must be some speech reckognition software that would allow to add these exercises. I really would like pronouniation exercises as both Swedish and Danish are not easy to pronounce well!

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