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Some Skills Won't Strengthen No Matter What

I did 4 practice sessions in the Demonstratives 3 skill. The first two times it strengthened, but the next two it didn't. I'm sure it's a bug because the same exercises were repeated over and over again. "Celui-ci est mon chien." "Celui-ci est mon fils." "Ma femme aime bien celles-ci." Etc

March 25, 2015



This has never happened to me, but I've noticed many posts about this. Try

* Logging out

* Trying on a different platform (iOS, Android)

* Doing a timed practice

* Learning a new skill

This seems to work for many other people.


Sorry. It did not work :( Let me try it on the website. I've been using the app.

UPDATE: Sorry, it still didn't work. I'll try again tomorrow. I've been using too much Duolingo today. Let me try timed practice... Then I'll quit and stop procrastinating...
UPDATE 2: It worked with another skill, but not Demonstratives.


I have exactly the same problem today, on exactly the same exercise! I did it four times and it refused to strengthen. I tried timed practice and that didn't help either. I'll try it on my Kindle when I get home.

ETA: I encountered two more skills that won't update no matter how many times I review them. I know I need the practice anyway but there's no way I'm going to sit here all day working on lessons and not getting any re-gilding for the time and effort... I'll be back after they've had a chance to fix it.

ETA again: Tried again on my laptop, totally different machine and connection... still doesn't work. I think this is how my tree started getting un-gilded in the first place and I just let it go.


Thanks for the tips.


I have the same probleme with Demonstratives 3. :(


I'm having the same problem with Demonstratives 2. I've logged out, logged back in, practiced the skill (for the fourth or fifth time I might add). Still nothing.


I'm having a hard time keeping Demonstratives 2 gold. It's always turning green.


I'm now having limited success by re-doing the last lesson in the grouping... sometimes the skill will turn back to gold, sometimes not. I'm running about 50/50.

On the bright side, I've never been able to point-and-click on the accent buttons before when the accented letter was the first one in the sentence, but now that's suddenly working fine.


Try re-doing the lessons themselves. I've been doing that lately and it seems to strengthen the skills faster. Sometimes I'll get 10 xps for a lesson even though the skill had already strengthened


Hm.... There's only one or two lessons, but I think there's a bug causing the second lesson's words to not appear during practice.


Definitely! That's what I've noticed - and I have the same problem with Demonstratives 3.


I tried to log out then redo first lesson and it worked. ^^
Good luck to you.


Hi, I had the same problem today with a couple of the french topics, including the same Demons. 3. To resolve it I logged out and restarted the app. When I returned I completed the last lesson and it (so far) fixed the problem for all of them I had the problem with....thanks to those below for the suggestion...


Not for me, unfortunately... different day, different computer, logged out then back in again, did the same exercise for probably the eighth time in two days now... no re-gilding.


The same problem with Demonstratives 3, I have tried mant times (more than 10) from different devices and I haven't managed to get the gold symbol, someting has to be wrong.


Still a problem. I'm not having issues with any other module. But this one is stuck!


Have you tried redoing the individual lessons within the Demonstratives 3 module? Redoing the first one finally fixed it for me.


Yes. Re-read the tips and finally tried that one (after trying a few others). Fixed. Thanks.


Same with Demonstratives 3


Fixed mine by repeating lesson 1 of demonstratives 3


I also was having a problem with Demonstratives 3 and nothing was working to make it turn gold again, including timed practice and logging out and back in. (The rest of my tree is gold.) Repeating lesson 1 fixed the issue. What a weird bug!


I have had the same problem with demonstratives 2 in French. I always get 3xp instead of 10 even if I do it perfectly and as dr.bimic says i'm only practising cela, ceci, and celles - not celui etc.


I strengthen a set of words and am "congratulated" that I did so. Next time I log in, the program requires me to strengthen the same categories again and again. What's going on? Very frustrating...

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