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  5. "Biz meyve yeriz."

"Biz meyve yeriz."

Translation:We eat fruit.

March 26, 2015



Biz bir meyve yeriz = we eat a fruit — Biz meyveyi yeriz = we eat the fruit — how would you say we eat fruits ? I don’t know if I really would say “we eat fruit” in english.


"I eat a fruit" is grammatically incorrect. "fruit" is only countable when you are talking about the definition "an end result" (i.e. a fruit of one's labor).

Similarly enough, "fruits" when talking about them in a botanical sense is rarely used. It is uncountable and normally used in the singular. In fact, in this very sentence, "fruit" can either be a mass noun or plural. "a piece of fruit" is normally what we use for the singular. :) (I see you are from France, fruit behaves a lot like "raisin/grain de raisin" in French.


Is "we eat the fruit" an accurate translation? Because it was marked wrong.


"We eat the fruit" means "(Biz) meyveYİ yeriz". If the article of the object is 'the' we use the accusative case.


In English we usually don't use the definite article "the" to talk about generic things like fruit or water unless we are making reference to a specific object.


I was thinking in the context of specific fruit, such as a bowl of fruit on the counter. I am a native English speaker, and the question was answered a year ago. ;)


I got a question: What is the difference between yer, yeriz, yerler, yerim?


That is the conjugation of verb "yemek" or to eat

Ben yerim --> I eat

Sen yersin --> You eat

O yer --> He/She/It eats

Biz yeriz --> We eat

Siz yersiniz --> You (plural or formal) eat, it is like y'all or vous in French

Onlar yerler --> They eat - but you can also use Onlar yer and that's more common I guess than Onlar yerler according to my Turkish friend says :)

I hope this helps :)


The audio really sounds to me like yerim rather than yeriz


Konuşan kişi Rus sanırım :) "Biz(i) mey(i)ve yeriz" şeklinde çünkü telaffuz.


Its "miveh" in Persian


Could some one please tell me what's Meyvehler ,then?


Meyveler seems like the plural of meyve to me...


easy but its new for me

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