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  5. "Tokum ama yumurta yiyorum."

"Tokum ama yumurta yiyorum."

Translation:I am full but I am eating an egg.

March 26, 2015



why isn't it THE egg instead of AN egg?


If there is a definite object we use the accusative case. So "I am full but I am eating the egg" means "Tokum ama yumurtayı yiyorum."


How is yumurta plural in this sentence?


It isn't plural here. The plural of yumurta is "yumurtaLAR". The plurals in Turkish are almost always formed with -LER or -LAR depending on the last wovel of the word in question.


Must have been a bug or something because I got the answer incorrect because I used singular


no bug. you cannot say "I eat egg" in English, you have to say "you eat an egg" or "you eat eggs". but you cannot say "yumurtalar yiyorum" in Turkish. Please read this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7736911


I think you can say "I eat egg", e.g. "I had egg for breakfast" - if you treat it as a mass noun (e.g. scrambled egg, which you can't really count).


Technically, that can be said, but in the common American English being used here, it wouldn't be said. It would sound very odd. Even uncountable "scrambled eggs" are plural.


The English translation is missing a capital "I" in "I'm." :)


Shouldve said eggs instead of an egg


'I am eating egg' should be accepted. This is in common use and is grammatically corect. Egg can be used as both a countable or uncountable noun.


I understand that Tok olmak is a compound verb (and tokmak means beetle) so why is 'I am full' tokum rather than tok olmam?


tok is an adjective meaning "full".

So you can say tokum "I am full" just as you can say güzelim "I am beautiful" or insanım "I am a human" -- the verb endings can simply be added to an adjective or a noun.


Ahhhh, in the same way açım is I am hungry. Teşekkürler. :)

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