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Swedish talk radio help

Hej alla! So, I'm looking for suggestions of Swedish radio stations that pertain to news, politics, etc. but are most or (preferably) all talk. I have the app "sveriges radio play" which includes tons of radio stations including Klartext, which I enjoy, but I'd like help from those of you who are familiar with swedish radio to help me find a good talk radio. I feel overwhelmed by my options, which is why I'm seeking your opinions.

I realize this may be a tall order, and I'm not asking anyone to search for me (I've done plenty of that myself), I'm just asking if you know of any off the top of your head that you'd be willing to share. I don't care about it being easy to understand, just as long as it is straight up swedish TALK.

Your help is much appreciated. Tack mina vänner :)

March 26, 2015



"Språket" http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt?programid=411 This is a program where linguists discuss language quirks, generally with a light-hearted tone.


Great suggestion! I spent some time checking this one out. Very interesting from what I can understand :)


If you want a program that revolves around news and politics - then maybe P1-morgon is a good alternative for you. They discuss the latest news more in-depth than other programs and it airs for almost 4 hours every weekday morning.

I hope it is what you are looking for. :)


Precise! Thank you so much, I will check that out asap :)


Swedish radio (Sveriges radio) is the public service radio network of Sweden. Their main talk radio station is P1. All their shows are also released as podcasts. I recommend the following:

  • Ekonomiekot Lördag - Weekly economics discussion between invited experts.
  • Klotet - Environmental news magazine
  • Vetenskapsradions veckomagasin - Weekly science news
  • Studio Ett - Daily news and analysis.
  • Filosofiska rummet - Weekly diskussion between invited academics about a philosophical topic.


Exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot!

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