"Zijn jullie namen Willem en Roos?"

Translation:Are your names Willem and Roos?

March 26, 2015



So we meet again, Willem and Roos

March 26, 2015


Why not "Your names are Willem and Roos"?

July 20, 2015


Because of the question mark which indicates interogative usag3

August 4, 2015


As does the inversion of the subject and verb

May 19, 2016


I had the same problem,I would only assume that it wants the literal translation

July 24, 2015


Wouldn't that be "Jullie namen zijn Willem en Roos"?

July 3, 2016


Yes, which is an affirmative sentence.

June 18, 2017


The answer to that question can be Jullie namen zijn Willem en Roos but as the question goes "Zijn jullie namen Willem en Roos?" it is not the right answer.

December 21, 2017


How do you pronounce the r in Roos?

July 18, 2015


The spelling of Dutch r varies a lot, even among the same family. It might be a guttural French r (Duolingo uses that), a rolled Italian r, a tapped Turkish r or a subtle English r.

Every one of these spellings are normal and should be accepted.

September 11, 2015


On national television you'll most likely hear an "English R" when the r is followed by a consonant or the end of a word (example: werk/water), and an "Tapped R" (which is a lot like the tapped t's in "butter" in AE) when it is followed by a vowel (example: trap/kleren)

October 18, 2015


So you cant say William..

April 12, 2015


If it's a listening excercise yiu cannot, but you can if you are asked to translate

May 21, 2015


Names are a bit confusing: In some exercises Willem is translated to William, in others it isn't. Consistency with this would make it easier.

April 8, 2018


Why jullie instead of jouw/je?

March 28, 2016

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I found the answer: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732923

Basically, "jouw/je" is the singular. The possessive of "jullie" is "jullie".

March 29, 2016


An earlier usage of the name Roos in a Dutch sentence was spelled Rose, was I supposed to be marked incorrect during a listening excercise for spelling it Rose?

August 18, 2015


why not "are you willem and roos"

December 14, 2016

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You're being tested just as much on vocabulary as you are grammar and overall meaning. Duo tends to prefer translations that are as literal as possible (while still being grammatical in the target language). In ordinary conversation, "Are you Willem and Roos?" means the same thing as "Are your names Willem and Roos?" but you need to show you know what "zijn" and "jullie" mean.

December 15, 2016


The correct answer is not accepted. The reason given is that a wrong word was used but my answer is the same as the Correct answer

April 15, 2017

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Sounds like something that should have been reported (flagged).

April 15, 2017


why isn't roos translated to rose this time

June 30, 2017


So now i need to translate the names too? Hahhah this is ridiculous

July 13, 2017


Why it cant be like Are your names Roos and Willem?

July 3, 2018

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Because Duolingo will think you're mis-matching their names.

If Duo asks you to translate X and Y, then translate X and Y. Don't translate Y and X.

July 3, 2018


My answer was marked wrong although it was exactly like the then given "right" answer. How can that happen?

December 8, 2018

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Duo glitches sometimes. Alternatively, are you 100% positive you didn't make a typo that you're just not seeing?

December 8, 2018


I have been writing the sentence correctly many times but you are reading it wrong. I think you have a bug

December 23, 2018


Saqué mil veces mal esto solo porque no ponía la doble oo; es una pendegada! Ahí sí deben avisar cuando se nos está olvidando algo superfluo como una doble oo en un nombre propio. NO ES error gramatical ni morfológico ni fonético ni nada.

May 8, 2019
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