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"Bu hastane beş yüz altmış üç odalı."

Translation:This hospital has five hundred and sixty-three rooms.

March 26, 2015



What's the difference between this and Bu hastanenin beş yüz altmış üç odası var?


you can use that too, but "-nin ..var" is more commonly used for people so it is more common to phrase it like above


Is that in generell for the genitiv case?


Why is "This hospital has five hundred sixty three rooms" wrong?


It's not wrong, just a forgotten alternative translation. :) I just added it, so it should work from now on.


Because we always put a hyphen between the tens and the ones in English. I always just type the digits to avoid messing that up!


Duolingo ignores hyphens and all other punctuation.


You should actually not care about hyphens and punctuations right now, what you should really focus on is your speaking skills and I don't think that if you write sixty-three or sixty three does matter at all. So instead of wasting time where to put 'a' and where 'the' where a 'hyphen' where a 'comma' you should focus on your Turkish that do you get the meaning and if your translation is not WORD TO WORD accurate it doesn't matter because the main thing is that you understand.


Would "This is a hospital with 563 rooms" work or would that need to be said differently?


That's rather "Bu 563 odalı bir hastane", although the meaning is similar, I don't think they are interchangeable


I know check-writing has gone out of style, but the "most correct" solution is grammatically incorrect for writing numbers in English.

It should be "five-hundred sixty-three," with hyphens (I was marked as having typos) and without the "and", which is only supposed to be used preceding a fraction or decimal, i.e. five-hundred sixty-three and a half.


Duolingo ignores hyphens but in British and Australian English we would always use an "and" this way. The contributor is probably unaware American English does it differently.


Is "This hospital is with five hundred sixty three rooms." a common structure in English or do native speakers generally say "This hospital has five hundred and sixty-three rooms." for the same meaning? Thanks in advance.


I am a native speaker and I would say the hospital HAS five hundred and sixty-three rooms. I have never heard anyone say any building IS WITH five hundred sixty-three rooms. The only similar construction I can think of that would be acceptable would be if it was phrased something like, "This is a house with X (bed/bath)rooms."


I'm a little bit confused. Why in this case it's not "odala" ? Is "odalı" consider as an adjective ? That's like in turkish we don't say, that is "a hospital with 563 rooms" but more "a 563-rooms hospital" ?


So there are two suffixes that both can mean "with" in English. You cannot use one of them here.

-(y)lA (the instrumental case) means with/accompanying

-li (with 4-way vowel harmony) means with/containing


shouldn't 'wards' have been accepted as well?


"Ward" has a different translation than "room". Ward is koğuş and room is oda.


I wrote the correct thing but it got marked as incorrect. I'm a bit confused why. I have checked it three times.

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