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Love Duolingo but friends and school teachers never actually use it...

I want to try this new feature but my school language teachers never use it and are not inclined to use it... I think Duolingo should establish its own teacher system to push its users to learn languages. Or is it too much for Duolingo?

March 26, 2015



Duolingo already has lingots, streaks, and language tiers to "push" its users to learn languages. When all is said and done, users will learn languages or not. It's up to personal motivation.


Yeah... Maybe I am just so used to people pushing me doing things, which is not a good habit I guess.


By "new feature," do you mean Duolingo for Schools? If your school's teachers don't want to use Duolingo, there's not much you can do about that. To me, it sounds like you want to use Duolingo as a competitive tool with a set group of classmates (either real-life or online). I do think it's too much to expect Duolingo to provide the teacher for that kind of structure.

As Lrtward mentions, Duolingo is already providing lingots, tiers, etc to help users stick to learning languages. You might want to assemble your own group of "classmates" from other Duolingo users. :) Good luck with your studies!


True... I personally found it hard to keep the daily study on Duolingo even though I really like it, which doesn't seem a problem to you... (Seriously, how do you do that. 494? You are amazing!) I am always demotivated especially when the streak number breaks because sometimes I simply forget to study on Duo. I guess it's just my own problem... But thank you, it's been really fun to study new languages on Duo and I will keep trying to be on track everyday no matter what.


There is a system that teachers use called Duolingo for schools, look it up.


Sorry for the unclear use of "new feature." Yes I meant Duolingo for Schools (or whatever it's called...).

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